Hat From the Past

To commemorate Queen Sofia’s 82nd birthday yesterday, here’s a look back at one of her past hats, worn March 18, 1980 on a state visit to Denmark. Red was a great diplomatic colour choice (linking the Spanish and Danish flags) and the double rimmed bumper base a good scale on her, substantial enough to anchor that explosion of pompom dotted net tulle.

Embed from Getty Images

Photo from Getty as indicated

8 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. What a fun hat! I love the color and the veil. It doesn’t seem dated at all and it could be worn today.

    Jimbo, those photos are fantastic! I must say I love the hat with the coat more than with just the dress. The dress, however is fabulous and timeless on it’s own. Both Queen’s look incredible in it. How fun would it be if Infanta Leonor wore it in the future?

  2. I really love this fun little hat on Sofia, it really suits her colouring and goes so well with her hairstyle.
    I especially love the wardrobe raising of the dress by Letizia. Love seeing that happen, suits both loaders so well.

  3. I really like this hat, including the veiling. It adds some fun volume! And I agree it would be great again now, especially since we’re once again seeing veiling as a common trim (though perhaps a bit less floofy). I wish the Spanish royals would wear more hats, this one looks great on Sofia.

  4. To say that this hat is 40 years old, it really hasn’t dated that much. Although she’s not much for red these days, Princess Anne would have worn this again this year for sure!

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