Duchess Visits Field of Remembrance

The Duchess of Cornwall visited the 92nd Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey yesterday. For this visit, as Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles and Patron of the Poppy Factory, Camilla repeated her textured black beret hat with deep green feather trim.

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This hat has become one of Camilla’s go-tos for military events where it’s styling, particularly in combination with this coat, fits right in. The smaller scale, beret shape of this piece suits her well, integrating (and contrasting well) with her signature hairstyle. And that feather- one that came up in our discussion yesterday- really is a marvel.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy. Coat by Mr. Roy.
Previously Worn: May 8, 2020; May 1, 2019;  May 22, 2012Nov 20, 2010Nov 14, 2010May 5, 2010Dec 14, 2009Nov 5, 2009Oct 9, 2009; Dec 2, 2008; Dec 14, 2007

We’ve seen Camilla in this hat many times- have your thoughts changed about it at all over the years?

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6 thoughts on “Duchess Visits Field of Remembrance

  1. I don’t find this tired at all – I love that we see so many re-wears from The Duchess! Very much in keeping with Prince Charles’ recent interview with Vogue in which he discussed keeping/mending/re-wearing his wardrobe over decades.

  2. She sure gets her money’s worth does Camilla! That said, much as I like this, I think it’s time for a replacement, it does look a tad tired.

  3. Looking back at this hat’s debut, the feather was more polished, but IMO a bit too stiff for this hat; time does show somewhat on the feather now, but I think it actually looks better and more natural.

    As for this Sunday, I imagine the royal turnout will be quite minimal with England back in pandemic lockdown, but let’s see what happens!

  4. I love the beret with the camouflage feather – very military appropriate.
    I’m crossing my fingers for a good British Royal turnout at the Cenotaph next Wednesday the 11th, at the 11th hour. Even though it would be black, we all could use a millinery lift.

    • As Jake mentioned, the Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph in London is the Sunday before November 11. Whatever hats are there this weekend, we’ll look at here on Monday!

      • HQ, thanks for correcting me – I should have remembered that the Cenotaph ceremony is held on the Sunday prior to November 11.

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