Fête Nationale Monégasque 2020

Members of Monaco’s royal family gathered today to celebrate their country’s national holiday.

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Princess Charlene wore a black beret described by the designer as “a modern take on classic Parisian style. It is crafted from soft rabbit felt using traditional millinery techniques and embellished with a nylon veil for a feminine touch.”

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The veil elevates the hat, and it’s small scale beret pairs very well with the high necked coat (I adore the pops of magenta which give great energy!). It’s another sleek and streamlined look for Charlene.

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Designer: Dior “Parisian Beret”. Coat by South African designer Terrence Bray.
Previously Worn: This hat is new.

Princess Gabriella wore a pair of red bow hair clips while Prince Jacques looked very handsome repeating his miniature winter dress uniform of the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince (Prince’s Company of Riflemen, the infantry branch that protects the Royal Palace) complete with blue cloth helmet with red and white dress plumes.

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Designer of Princess Gabriella’s hair clips: Jacadi
Prince Jacques’ hat previously worn: Nov 19, 2019

Princess Caroline topped her exquisite feather-trimmed Chanel suit with a plaited bandeau headpiece made of textured black silk. As far as bandeaux go, this one is a good one with wonderful texture and enough elevation not to look like a headband. While I would have loved to see this suit paired with a wide brimmed black and white boater or bergère, the bandeau is a slightly tamer yet still very elegant choice that Caroline wears really well.

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Designer: unknown. Suit by Chanel.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

Tatiana Santo Domingo Casiraghi wore a bandeau headpiece of triple layered black velvet bows. It is the third black bandeau she has worn to this event in as many years (see 2018 and 2017) and while the scale and shape are good, it doesn’t seem that distinctive from the others already in her closet.

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Designer: Jennifer Behr “Katya Headband” 
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new

Beatrice Borromeo Casiraghi repeated a burgundy velvet knotted bandeau headpiece.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Nov 17, 2019

Marie Chevallier Ducruet wore a black felt beret percher trimmed in a large flat bow.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Melanie de Massy, Prince Albert and Princess Caroline’s cousin, topped her pink coat with an ecru felt beret percher.

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The millinery at this year’s event is slightly more subdued than usual, understandable amidst a pandemic. What designs here stood out to you?

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11 thoughts on “Fête Nationale Monégasque 2020

  1. Despite the lack of variety in all the bandeaus and berets, I think everyone looks stellar. Love the pops of magenta on Charlene’s coat & the magenta bag. Only fair for her is those odd gloves. Does Gabrielle have a matching haircut to Mom because that is adorable. Jacques looks so sweet in his mini uniform. Caroline looks gorgeous & as others have said the greys coming through are fabulous on her, no need to hide them. Tatiana might be my winner here, that whole outfit is perfect. Love Beatrice’s suit, it looks very Kate-like but with her own spin. The burgundy bandeau gives it a nice boost. The boys in their matching coats are adorable. I like what I can see of Marie and Melanie’s pink coat is lovely with her pale beret. I wish Alex had worn something on her head, but she’s got a cute bag, so I’ll let her slide 😀

  2. This seems to illustrate a bit of current royal conundrum…..what sort of hat goes with a mask?….and how coordinated should a mask be with the outfit?
    Is the mask viewed in the realm of necessary accessory for the times and should be integrated with the outfit, or utilitarian item that just must be worn regardless.
    It seems the wisdom here was wear small hats/headpieces, so one doesn’t chance looking like a masked bandit from the old west with a big brimmed hat….but we have seen other royals walk that delicate line of larger hat+mask quite successfully.
    Overall, with the world situation, can’t really fault them right now whatever the basis of choice for the hats, and they are setting a good example.

    Princess Gabriella is going to grow up to be a stunner that will leave her formidable Auntie Caroline and cousin Charlotte in the dust—and that is a nearly impossible task — but MrFitzroy predicts it…
    Speaking of Caroline, BRAVA for allowing some gray to come out, it looks wonderful on her, and works particularly well with this ensemble!

  3. I love the magenta peeking out of Charlene’s coat and the black beret looks very nice with it. It would have been nice if there was just a touch of magenta on the hat, also. I think Caroline looks very good here, though the elbow gloves surprised me. I didn’t even notice Char’s gloves until pointed out by other eagle-eyed posters on this site. Both pairs of gloves seem a bit odd to me. In the daytime? I like the bows on Tatiana, but I didn’t recognize her at first. I thought she was Charlotte! She looks very normal. Where was Stephanie, I wonder. Yes, Shanon, let’s give the best hat of the day to Jacques!!!

  4. A huge thumbs up to Princess Charlene’s hat! Love, love the coat with the magenta accents, although as noted here, the coat does seem a bit long. Inasmuch as the coat does show some magenta lining, it is gorgeous. Agree with JamesB that the sheer gloves are odd. Almost like she put sheer black stockings on her hands.

    A huge thumbs down on all of the bandeaux! Not flattering, even on Princess Caroline.

  5. Subdued is the key word here. Everyone looks quite elegant and the mask game is very good.
    My favorite hat belongs to Prince Jacques. I love the colors in his ceremonial hat.
    Princess Charlene’s beret is lovely, especially with the veil. It does look “same-same” from a couple of years ago.
    Marie’s hat is great. I wish we could see better views, but it’s fun.
    Princess Caroline looks wonderful, and, like JamesB, I enjoy the grey hair peeking out.
    I always love Beatrice’s style. She looks very chic. I just wish she wore a burgundy percher.

  6. I was wondering if black was a standard colour for they event, as it’s so often worn, so thank heavens for Melanie de Massy injecting a pop of colour. I appreciate the times, but black is so somber, especially when worn by all of them!

    I’m really not sure about Charlene’s outfit. The coat is almost full length, it would be so much better if shorter. Those pops of fuchsia are indeed lovely, and the hat elegant… and then the slightly odd sheer gloves?! At least she wore an actual hat though!

    The rest of the bandeaux are okay enough. Caroline looks fabulous with her grey coming through, she really shows how someone can be beautiful at all ages. I love Tatiana’s coat and skirt, and Beatrice is of course beautiful as ever.

    All very nice, but nothing that stands out.

    • You summed up most of my thoughts JamesB!

      Pleasantly surprised at Melanie’s ensemble this year considering she has worn black wide brims and outfits for many years; I do wish her hat had a Treacy-esque twist trim on top to liven it up a bit more (or make the hat a bit bigger), but that’s my only minor complaint for her.

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