Danish Queen Presents Ørsted Medal

Queen Margrethe joined members of the Danish Society for Natural Science at New Carlsberg Glyptoteket yesteday to present the society’s Ørsted Gold Medal. For this occasion, she wore a new hat.

Following a traditional boater shape, the hat is covered in the same fabric as its coordinating suit- red on the brim and dark aubergine on the crown. The design is completed with a slim hatband and small back bow with trailing tails. The simple lines of the hat are punctuated with the unexpected colour scheme, flawless execution and the most jaunty of angles placed on the head. Shape, scale, placement and colour are all superb. It’s such a great hat.

Designer: Mathilde Førster
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Head over to this gallery for more photos. What do you think of Queen Margrethe’s new hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

18 thoughts on “Danish Queen Presents Ørsted Medal

  1. It takes me by surprise to see so many people finding this to be an unusual color combination. Here in the southeast of the US, there is an organization of senior-aged women called the Red Hatters that has chapters everywhere, whose colors are red and purple, and there are about 12 chapters where I live, so I am used to seeing people walking around in red and purple almost everyday! It’s a great outfit and a great hat, and to top it off, she looks so delighted to be at this event, always a bonus at royal appearances.

  2. Perfection! The color combo, the angle of placement, and the accessories-earrings, gloves, and possibly the color of the stone in the brooch all work together in this great outfit! I will be happy to see it again! (Now, can we retire the blue beanie?!) How wonderful to see a new hat in this “hat famine” year!

  3. A handsome hat, one that’s made by the jaunty angle it’s worn at, which isn’t always a given for Margrethe, whose hats are often rather disappointing. The colour combination is striking. Clearly made to accompany this particular ensemble, it would be quite difficult to wear with anything else, so I suspect we will see it often in future in exactly the same combination!

    Interesting question for royal women who invest in more hats than most; do they go for very specific hats that pair beautifully but only with a particular outfit, or do they go for more versatile ones that can be changed around? The most specific hats I can think of seem to be worn by Queens, namely Margrethe (as here) and Queen Elizabeth.

  4. Fantastic color combo for Margrethe (no surprise as she is an artist and certainly isn’t afraid of color)! At first I wasn’t certain about the boater shape (especially the square crown), but I’m firmly in the approve camp; the only thing I would change is to put the hat at a slightly more shallow angle so it looks less likely to slip off her head.

    P.S. I love how Mathilde Førster is always so casual with her IG posts about Margrethe’s hats: “Another bespoke hat ready for pickup”!

  5. Wonderful combination of colours. And yes, thanks to Queen Margrete I have today been searching for a top in aubergine to combine with my red skirt.

  6. It’s a great ensemble, from head to hem, and so nice to see a new Royal hat. The color combination is bold and unexpectantly wonderful.

  7. What a terrific hat! The colours, so unexpected!, really make the simplicity shine. Maybe colour pops like this are what Princess Charlene needs in her tailored millinery to really make it spectacular.

  8. It’s the angle that does it. Worn flat on the head this wouldn’t work, but that most jaunty of angles is perfection. Lovely colour combo and with a fab outfit to boot. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of this, and that’s a good thing, it’s lovely.

  9. Yes I agree a different colour combination very interesting.
    Thank you for sharing I am a budding milliner.
    Kind regards

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