Bourbon Parma Wedding Ten Years On: Family & Guests

Prince Carlos and Princess Annemarie of Bourbon-Parma celebrated their 10th anniversary last week. Yesterday we looked at the bride’s attire– today we look at hats worn by family and royal guests.

The groom’s mother, Princess Irene wore a statement pinwheel fascinator of purple feathers. Fascinators such as this one were still popular at the time (we’ll see several more at this wedding) and while this one was on-trend in terms of style and the colour was lovely, I think its scale overwhelmed Irene.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Princess Margarita, who attended the bride and helped maneuver her 4 meter long train, topped and adorable red coat with a pleated bandeau headpiece trimmed with feathers on one side. The scale of the piece is lovely on her and just right for a head-to-toe ensemble in one colour- a bigger hat would have been too much. While bandeau headpieces are very popular today, this one was ahead of its time!

Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats

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Princess Carolina paired her stunning amethyst silk dress with a silvery grey straw fasciator studded with purple and grey feathers. As far as fascinators go, the crescent shape of this this one worked really well, not only to frame Carolina’s face but to give some presence to the piece. Both the shape and colour made the piece a great pairing for the dress, linking with the handpainted pattern on the skirt and complimenting, rather than competing with the cowl neckline. While fascinators such as these seem a bit dated now and the feather placement on this design isn’t perfect, ten years ago, I adored this look on Carolina.

Embed from Getty Images Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats

Queen Beatrix wore one of her signature oversize pillboxes, this one in the loveliest shade of slate blue. The hat paired beautifully with her both her blue jacquard silk dress and her fur-trimmed cape, the latter giving the most wonderful “ice queen” vibe, in the best possible way.

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Princess Máxima wore a simple black beret percher overlaid in pale grey and black net veil by Dutch milliner Irene Bussemaker. The veil is the star on this design, adding wonderful texture and softness to the otherwise stark piece. It’s not a showstopper hat for Máxima but, I suspect, that was the intent.

Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats Embed from Getty Images

Princess Laurentien topped another head-to-to red ensemble in a percher saucer hat trimmed in red guinea fowl feathers. While the numerous textures in this overall look might seem a bit much, they save it from being one note. I think the hat was a triumph, its scale so great on Laurentien (particularly with her characteristically sassy haircut) and the feathers a whimsical yet effective touch.

Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats

Princess Mabel leaned into the fasciator trend with a large headpiece of black feathers. A decade of time since first seeing this outfit has not warmed me any more to it- while the fascinator linked with the coat and the top linked with the skirt and shoes, these two halves seemed at odds and the overall look just didn’t mesh.

Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats

While Princess Margriet, Princess Annette and Princess Anita  did not wear hats, Princess Marilene topped her Valentino coat with a lilac crin bow fascinator studded with goose and coque feathers, net veiling and tulle. While the design was fine, I’ve always felt her lovely coat deserved a much more refined hat. Something wide brimmed in felt the same shade as the coat’s velvet bow would have been so much better.

 Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats

Princess Aimee wore a white fascinator of ruffled straw. I prefer the look of this fascinator, which almost reads as a cocktail hat, to the feather explosions seen on other heads here, but always felt it was too summery for a November wedding. Perhaps she had planned to wear it for the originally scheduled date in August? Either way, cocktail hats were popular ten years ago and I think something in navy felt would have made a better pairing.

Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats

The final Dutch royal hat at this wedding was worn by Princess Christina. Her tangerine straw callot was studded with black and orange feathers. The hat’s link to the black, yellow, caramel and coral floral print on Christina’s coat is obvious yet still incongruous…  and too Halloween-y. I think a solid colour hat would have been the way to go here.

The only hat on a royal guest was this wonderful purple felt cloche worn by Countess Diane of Nassau, wife of Prince Jean of Luxembourg. The design appears to be trimmed with a pair of slim, layered hatbands and a ruffled side bow at the side with feathers. It’s a classic piece that was elevated by its unexpected, yet very effective pairing with Diane’s fuchsia frock.

Nov 20, 2010 | Royal Hats

Looking back at past events is always an interesting glimpse at style trends at that time and this flashback is no exception. Which millinery looks have best stood the test of time? Which do you think are best left in the past?

Photos from Getty as indicated; PPE/Nieboer; PPE/Nieboer; PPE/Nieboer; Olivier Polet/Corbis, and Olivier Polet/Corbis, via Getty; Patrick van Katwijk/Monarchy Press; Patrick van Katwijk/Monarchy Press; PPE/Nieboer; Corbis; PPE/Nieboer; Corbis; PPE/Nieboer; Mark Renders/Getty Images; Jeroen Van Der Mejde/ANP Photo News

10 thoughts on “Bourbon Parma Wedding Ten Years On: Family & Guests

  1. Irene and her daughters are an elegant trio aren’t they? Fascinators aside they all look fabulous.

    Beatrix is classic Bea. But both Mabel and Máx look like they cobbled their ourfits together, they’re neither cohesive nor particularly festive for a wedding. Comes to something when Laurentien is the best dressed from the family, but she’s rocking it here!

  2. On Irene, it wasn’t until I saw the side view that I agreed the scale might’ve been a bit overwhelming, but I also blame that on the design (just simply feathers sprouting out from a central point rather than crafting something more refined). Otherwise I thought Irene looked fabulous.

    Margarita looked great overall, but to me it feels like her headpiece is falling to one side/it wasn’t place properly on her head. Carolina, like her mother, looked fab, but this fascinator feels a bit off-the-rack and not very special to me unfortunately.

    Beatrix was definitely the best-dressed at this wedding (followed ever so closely by Irene). Her hat pin is the cherry on top of this delightful ensemble! While I’m a big Máxima fan, her whole look here has always disappointed me; the hat looks a bit like a pancake with how flat it is, and her hair could’ve been done better; also, the hat and outfit don’t really coordinate well IMO.

    Laurentien should switch out that ruffled blouse for a simpler style (and maybe a contrasting color) and push her hat up just a bit, then she would be in great form! I’ve always though Mabel looked fantastic in this fascinator, but I agree the outfit was not thought through well and the coordination is lacking.

    A fine fascinator for Marilène, but I agree a wide brimmed hat would’ve looked better. Love Aimee’s outfit, but her fascinator is perplexing with its organic design and unseasonal material. Not the first orange feather fascinator we’ve seen on Christina, but with this heavily patterned outfit, I agree a solid full hat would’ve been a better choice.

    Finally, Countess Diane’s cloche is beautiful on her, but like Mabel her outfit makes no sense in connection with the hat, especially color-wise.

    While the fascinators were hit or miss style-wise at this wedding, I imagine their popularity was also due to their practicality as it looked like this was an early afternoon wedding, and since the sun sets quite early (especially in northern Europe) this time of year (that last group photo looks like sunset light), fascinators would look less out of place.

  3. You can really tell that fascinators were all the rage 10 years ago.
    I live all the gorgeous outfits. All of them could be worn today.
    As for my favorite hats, Princess Margarita wins. That is a gorgeous, timeless bandeau and it works so well with her striking coat.
    I also like Princess Maxima’s beret, Princess Laurentian’s percher, and Queen Beatrix’s giant pillbox. I’m not normally a fan of her hats, but the color and the detail on the right of the hat is perfect with her luxurious coat.

  4. These are some interesting hats. I rather like Princess Irene’s exuberant purple fascinator It just looks so happy! I also appreciate the sculptural quality of Princess Carolina’s. We rarely see Maxima in such subdued colors outside of funerals or memorial services. This elegant little beret is a more thoughtful choice for a royal wedding guest than the ginormous red hat from the 2005 Dutch wedding.

    Princess Margarita’s red bandeau could definitely be worn today!

  5. Here some extra information about the bride’s special veil.
    The veil was made of sustainable paper with
    hand-painted floral motifs and indistinguishable from lace. Carlos and Annemarie wanted to emphasize their concern for a more sustainable world with this design by the Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgreve.

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