This Week’s Extras

The Earl of Wessex in a handsome hat with patterned hatband yesterday to visit Newbury Market
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Coral straw button percher with gorgeous velvet pansies by British milliner Anne Tomlin
Chocolate and black felt fedora with all kinds of wonderful detail by Dutch milliner Mirjam van der Welle
Deep cranberry felt turban with side bow by London-based milliner Philip Treacy
Cloche/bucket melusine felt hybrid with layered hatband in the most gorgeous green by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Great shape and colour on this vibrant blue felt variation on a beret by Italian brand Origami Hats
Graphic black and white silk button percher with black crin by Maria Monica London
Lovely leaf covered bandeaux headpieces in jewel tones by British milliner Laura Cathcart
Beigey-pink felt fedora with smart double hatband from British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan’s new ready-to-wear line
Very Christmassy straw star fascinator by British milliner Bee Smith 


Grand Duchess Maria Teresa shared this adorable snap of her five grandchildren


Lovely photos of Nicholas and Alina Medforth-Mills (de Roumanie) and their new daughter, Maria-Alexandra

Photos from social media as indicated

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I really enjoyed the photos of the Earl of Wessex at the Market. It’s nice to see the Royals coming out and championing local.

    – Wow the deep cranberry felt turban with side bow by Philip Treacy is a stunner!Queen Maxima would wear this with aplomb!
    – Wies’ cloche is stunning. I especially love the peridot color. Zara Tindall would look great in this style and color.
    – I could see Beatrice Borromeo in the vibrant blue felt “beret” by Italian brand Origami Hats.
    – Countess of Wessex would look dynamite in the graphic black and white silk button percher by Maria Monica London

  2. Really like the rich colors and textures on most of this hats
    Especially like the Treacy turban and the color and shape of Wies’ hat. Loved her hat on Instagram.
    I wish I could own your hat, Wies!

    I really like winter hats. They are usually about shape and color, and minus the flowers,.

    Thank you, HQ!

    • Thank you Beth. And you are right, winter hats are often good, wearable hats that can bring a welcome pop of colour to any wardrobe.
      As to owning one, don’t forget all those hats can be bought! I wouldn’t recommend starting with a Philip Treacy creation 😄, but there are many milliners who make beautiful, original and much more affordable
      hats in all styles, colours and sizes. Milliners on Instagram can all be contacted by simple DM or, if you look around in your own area, you might find somebody who can offer you exactly what you want, without the shipping cost. A handmade hat (or any other article of clothing for that matter) is an investment, worth ten times the industrial equivalent made in some Asian sweat shop. And a good milliner will always give you a free consultation and a fair indication of the price, with different options to choose from.

  3. Outstanding “caught my eye” department this week, HQ! Thanks for all the eye candy. The two Dutch hats and the Treacy turban are just phenomenal! I’d love to see the blue percher/beret on a real model – very nice color and concept. I agree with Wies – the Windsor Christmas tree is spectacular. Who will get to see it in person this year?

  4. Thank you for featuring my “Sauterelle” bucket hat, Hat Queen. Now that the weather is turning, we can finally start wearing those beautiful, fluffy fur felts again!

    That is one magnificent Christmas tree at Windsor Castle!

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