Monday Multiples: Princess Anne

Thanks I’m pleased to pass the reigns of Royal Hats to Jimbo today for another in the “Monday Multiples”- a series he first suggested two years ago! Welcome, Jimbo!

Look #1: Princess Anne attended the 2012 Cheltenham Festival in a pale green fedora and wonderfully patterned green and navy coat. She repeated this same combination three times – November 2014 in Ottawa, Canada; Christmas Day 2016; and again to the Cheltenham Festival THIS year, 2020!

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Look #2: In April of 2014, the Princess Royal chose a new hat for the coat, this time a large navy hat with a huge feathers adorning it. Note the fabric covering the upper side of the brim.  Now THAT’S a hat!

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Royal Hats’ January 6, 2015 post included this hat in a poll which listed the least favourite Royal Hats of 2014. Princess Anne’s exotic chapeau received 119 votes (4.16%); Queen Maxima’s “antennae” fascinator took the 2014 prize with 390 votes!

Thanks for this fun comparison, Jimbo. I’m curious which hat others prefer most with this coat?

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17 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Princess Anne

    • The link is fine as it leads to the original photo source with copyright information. And it’s a great view of the upper brim of this hat! Talk about bird’s nest!

      • I think it would look a lot less “birds nesty” if it had had a normal, petersham hat band instead of that feather boa. There is also a brooch at the bottom of the pheasant feathers that has no reason to be there. With a bit less trimming it would be a fine hat.

        As to the pale green fedora, I wonder if Princess Anne tried her hand at changing the shape of the brim. The brim looks as if it should curve upwards on the righthand side instead of downwards and I think that is what makes it so wobbly. Apart from that it is a lovely melusine felt.

  1. I would prefer that the pale green fedora be worn with an ivory colored coat. As for the coat in question, there is no hat which would make it look good because I don’t like it one little bit!!! In closing, that monstrosity of a blue hat can go into the recycle bin for parts and be reborn again.

  2. Heavens! The second hat suffers from having had the kitchen sink and most of the larder chucked at it… the first, while a much better match and a lovely colour looks a little battered. Also the fabric, being textured, doesn’t help it either. I think I’d like this more as a casually worn hat, I’m not sure it’s formal enough for a royal hatted do.

    • Wonderful description of the second hat, JamesB!

      I really like the shape of the first hat, but the color is too washed out to stand up to the lovely coat. I think the dark blue one that Jimbo shared would have been a better choice.

      Really enjoyed the 2015 post on least favorite hat. A welcome source of amusement today.

      • Beth, between you and JamesB, you’ve nailed it! I would just add that it look as though the color of Hat #1 matches the coat buttons, but that’s not enough to successfully tie it in.

        The 2015 hats were indeed a source of amusement!

  3. On closer inspection, HQ, I think you’re right about the Look #2 hat – there must have been some serious molting taking place on top of Anne’s brim – little feathers covering the whole affair! She has a navy twin (or darn close) to the green one, worn to the 2016 Cheltenham Festival, but it’s brim appears to be in much better shape.
    Embed from Getty Images

    • I like this choice better with the jacket Jimbo. I think something bold would work best with this muted coat, as it’s not a bad coat stylewise. I just think the muted colors are tough to work with. I wonder if a bold color opposite on the color wheel would work. Such as orange?

      Of the 2 hats paired with the coat, I would choose #1 as I don’t mind the color. I do like the scale of hat #2, which I think flatters HRH and is fun (the scale of the hat, not necessarily the style of the hat).

  4. Overall I think the seafoam green fedora is a more harmonious look, but it could use some sprucing up to make it look less battered.

    I think the navy blue hat had a lot of potential to be a good contrast for this coat (especially with all the other navy blue accessories), but it suffered from trim overload and potentially is just a bit too big. If we made this an all-felt hat with an inch shaved off the brim and trim it with a simple hatband and just the two large feathers and brooch, then it would be a hit!

  5. I think both of these hats are not quite right. I love the fedora shape on the PR, but maybe it is the light but the hat seems a little too pale for the rest of the ensemble. I also love the size and colour of the second hat but it seems to be a little too much. If the rest of the trim was removed, including the fabric on top of the brim, and just the two large feathers and the brooch that anchors them were left, I think it would be incredibly chic.

  6. Every January we go to our local cider orchard for a traditional “Wassail” ceremony, toasting the trees so they produce a good harvest of fruit. Attendees, including local Morris sides, wear fancy hats lavishly trimmed with fruit and feathers. Looks like Princess Anne is coming this year!
    On the other hand, I really like the fedora!

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