British Royals Thank Essential Workers

Members of the British Royal Family gathered in the quadrangle of Windsor Castle this evening to thank essential workers for their work in helping others during the coronavirus pandemic, especially now over the Christmas season.

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For this event, Queen Elizabeth repeated her red crepe covered cloche hat with teardrop shaped crown trimmed with a double row of the same red and gold braid as adorns the collar of her coat and a side spray of black feathers. While the front point on this teardrop shaped crown is not a shape I find flattering, the red ensemble is so cheery and festive I can’t fault its choice this evening.

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Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren.
Previously Worn: December 25, 2019

The Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge, the Princess Royal and the Countess of Wessex appeared without millinery (not surprising as hats are usually worn only during the day) which allowed Her Majesty to stand out further. What do you think of the Queen’s hat today?

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5 thoughts on “British Royals Thank Essential Workers

  1. The Queen looks like a fairy godmother with a slightly wicked sense of humour. Just what we all need!
    The hat and coat aren’t perhaps as spot on as one might expect from the wardrobe of a Head of multiple States, but apart from the colour, the most noticeable thing about the toute ensemble is HM’s smile, aka the best accessory.

  2. It’s festive, and a welcome sight! The hat’s crown really bothers me, as does the scarf, but just to see HM out and looking so happy and radiant is an enormously positive sight that outweighs any quibbles that I might have.
    Good eye, Jimbo, on noticing the changes to DOC’s coat! I loved the coat before and especially like it now, with the addition of the fur.

  3. Queen Elizabeth: That must be the brightest RED I’ve ever seen, and the same thing came to mind last Christmas with the ensemble’s debut. Like many other commenters (click on the teardrop hat link above from 2013 for a red hot conversation) this AK shape is not my favorite, but I’m so glad to see HM out and very visible. Oh, to see her THIS Christmas!

    Duchess Kate: I love the improvement on her Catherine Walker coat, with the added fur and possibly reduced lapels. The last time (I think) she wore it, she wore a headband with it, and even though I don’t care for them, it would have been at least something for her to wear last night.

    March 3, 2020: Ireland
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  4. Lovely festive colour on HM, but issues persist with the fit of the coat and the slightly clunky shape of the hat. Never mind – a lovely family engagement and a great way to round of Will and Kate’s whirlwind train tour.

  5. Minus the crown of the hat, this is still a wonderful look for HM. I especially like the addition of the scarf to this outfit; perhaps a bit cheesy with it giving the impression of a candy cane, but I still enjoy its festivity nevertheless.

    Good looks for everyone else, but I’m disappointed they all decided to go hatless (although it appeared cold enough to warrant one, and I saw some headgear on non-royals in attendance).

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