Princess Beatrix Opens Exhibition

Princess Beatrix made her first appearance since the summer yesterday, opening an exhibition on trees in Dutch paintings at the Dordrechts Museum

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For this event, she repeated an emerald straw hat with layered bumper brim, trimmed with side loops. The colour is another festive choice that’s simply lovely on her and the signature scale and shape of this piece is a welcome bit of millinery familiarity during this time when we are seeing so few royal hats.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: November 15, 2019

What do you think of Princess Beatrix’s hat yesterday?


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14 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Opens Exhibition

  1. This post has finally made me realize that I’ve often wondered about Princess Beatrix’s history with this style of chapeaux. Is there anyone else who has worn this type? When did she first wear it? Does it’s origin come from something related to the Dutch culture? I can’t think of anyone else who has worn this style. I would love to know what HatQueen has to say about this style that only Princess Beatrix wears.

  2. No need to eat your hat Jimbo!

    So wonderful to see Beatrix, and equally wonderful to see her in this festive green ensemble! I do not remember this from before, but I’m glad it made another appearance. My only complaint are those large, odd puffballs on her wrap.

    Question out of curiosity: is this hat entirely made out of straw? I know these photos don’t offer excellent analysis, but when I first saw this I thought it was a brushed felt. I see the straw more now, but it doesn’t look like the usual sinamay used for almost all of Beatrix’s hats; could it be parasisal, or a mixture of materials? Just an observation on my part.

    • I meant to put out the same question- it took several minutes of me staring at this hat to determine it was straw but I agree- it’s not your run-of-the-mill sinamay. Maybe Wies can enlighten us?!

      • I agree it is difficult to see, but it certainly isn’t sinamay or parasisal. If it is straw, and I suppose there was a description of it somewhere for you to say it is, then it must be laize.
        “Laize de paille” is a straw cloth, woven like fabric and used only in millinery, I think (though maybe you could make handbags out of it). Often it isn’t real straw, but a mixture of synthetic materials, thick, structured and rather stiff. It was popular in the nineteen fifties and sixties and isn’t being made anymore. It was more or less abandoned at the end of the twentieth century as it felt outdated then. Nowadays it has regained popularity as “vintage” material. You have to be a pretty good milliner to work with it. Suzanne Moulijn is a master of bias cutting, so obviously this hat is impeccable.
        The colour is unusual and very beautiful and could very well be dyed to match Princess Beatrix’s outfit. I once attended a lecture by Mrs. Moulijn where she explained how she had to take special courses to learn dyeing techniques in order to make colour coordinated hats for (then) Queen Beatrix’s clothing.
        There seems to be a strip of fabric inserted as well in between the two brims.

  3. I’m on a millinery high, seeing TWO Royals in a row – Christmas red at Windsor last night, and now this!
    Princess Beatrix looks fantastic, as always, and the emerald green is perfect, not only because we are in the Christmas season, but because of the “trees” implication, but I’m just guessing.
    Speaking of trees, I have a perfectly shaped maple tree in my yard, with no other houses in view, and I’ve always wanted to photograph it in the height of all four seasons, and put all four in a frame, but have never gotten around to it. I know, it’s a silly and unoriginal idea.
    PS If Jake doesn’t respond to today’s post, I’ll eat my hat!

  4. Oh I love this. The hat is a standard but like you say a fab and seasonal colour and she looks lovely. And I love her matching mask too.

    Aren’t even just these little glimpses of normality just so nice to see and comforting.

  5. it’s an unusual color for Princess Beatrix but she looks amazing in it! Love her scarf with the little fluffy dots.
    Dare I say you have comfort food and this feels like a Beatrix royal comfort hat

  6. I don’t know anyone who wears this style of hat other than Beatrix, I love she has this signature and it suits her so well. The colour is absolutely beautiful , she looks great .

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