Wessexes Visit Army Music Corps

The Earl and Countess of Wessex visited the Corps of Army Music for a renaming ceremony and short parade at Kneller Hall in Twickenham on Friday. The Countess took the salute as Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment and inspected the parade before presenting the Scroll to commemorate the Corps receiving its Royal title.

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For this event, Sophie repeated her deep maroon felt stovepipe cloche with double humped crown and side, knotted flying bow. While the shape of this hat has not aged well, the styling of this ensemble, pairing the hat with beautiful green and creamy winter white, is brilliant.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Max Mara Custodi Coat
Previously Worn: Dec 27, 2015; Dec 15, 2014;  Jan 1, 2012; Dec 27, 2009;  Dec 25, 2006; Mar 15, 2006

I think the overall look here elevates the hat- what do you think of it?

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15 thoughts on “Wessexes Visit Army Music Corps

  1. This hat, though lovely in color and execution feels very dated to me. Very much early-mid 2000s when there seemed to be a lot of these elongated crowns.

  2. When I first saw this post I thought my computer messed up and had pulled up a post from days gone by! I am really surprised Sophie wore this hat again even with it’s beautiful color and the color coordination. I think she better talk to Anne before pulling something out of the attic like this again! I must say, though, it was gutsy of her to do this. 😉

  3. I agree with the comments that this is a “Mad Hatter” cartoonish style of hat that may have been cutting edge at one time (though I’m not so sure of that) but now is simply dated, and I can’t think of a single modification to this particular hat that would make it less so. Shortening the crown, widening the brim, changing or repositioning the bow… if all that needs to be done to make the hat more current, better to buy a new one. That being said, the green dress and white coat with a burgundy hat are a great combo for this time of year, so I hope Sophie wears it again with a different burgundy hat!

  4. Echoing other commenters here! The color of the hat goes so well with the coat and the skirt, but the hat?
    What was she thinking? It’s a shame, because this much maligned hat just ruined the whole look.

  5. The colour of the hat is beautiful and the combination with the white coat and green dress is stunning. But the shape of the hat is a bit, what can I say, mad hatter style ?

  6. The colour and texture of this hat are so lovely that I can see one might be fond of it even if the style has dated. I don’t actually think it goes very well with this coat, not in terms of colour, but because the coat is so bulky. This hat needs to be the centre piece of the outfit if any hat does, because it isn’t a hat that simply blends in. But with this coat, I find it strangely overwhelmed. To me it simply doesn’t work as a whole look.

  7. Your last sentence nails it, HQ: “… the overall look here elevates the hat…” Seven wearing is a pretty good run for a royal hat, so Sophie can feel good about retiring it.

    • Mittenmary, NOTHING could elevate this hat any higher, ha ha. This twin of the hat featured 3 weeks ago (November 23) looks to me like a millinery version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, flying buttresses and all! Happy Sunday to you.

  8. When I first saw photos of this, my thoughts were exactly yours, HatQueen! a) Why bring this hat, so reminiscent of Ken Dodd’s Diddy men, out of retirement? and b) what lovely colour styling! Didn’t she have another hat in this great colour that she could have worn instead?

  9. I find it really perplexing that with SO many stunning hats in her closet, Sophie is still pulling this one out. Though I do agree the colour styling with the coat is lovely, I’m not sure about the green skirt with it.

    I get the idea behind it, but this was something Treacy did briefly a long time ago, and pulling it out again now, it looks strangely dated and the exaggerated shape just seems a bit cartoonish.

  10. Kudos to Sophie for hanging on to the hat but It’s not my favourite shape. Is it possible to have this hat restyled? The crown shortened etc so that it might have more of a cloche feel or perhaps a contrasting colour added giving it a larger brim.

    She has a few stovepipe hats and I can’t help thinking they need to go to the hat cupboard in her attic.

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