Pick A New Hat

Last week we entertained ourselves by choosing hats for British royal family members to wear on Christmas Day. This week, we’re opening up our royal hat dreams with new designs we’d like to add to a royal’s closet. Share a link to the hat (Twitter or Instagram hats will show up as photos here), name its milliner AND the royal you’re choosing it for and, most importantly, share your reasons for that choice. You can stick with established royal-milliner collaborations or suggest entirely new ones- anything goes!

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This is my only post scheduled for this week- so let’s settle in and have some fun with it!

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93 thoughts on “Pick A New Hat

  1. Jake also suggested several of Wies Mauduit’s hats for Princess Laurentien- all are great suggestions. I’d also like to see Wies’ hats on Queen Maxima, beginning with her leopard print felt fedora and gorgeous pink brimmed hat with rose. Imagine the second one with a pink gown for Prinjesdag? It would be perfection.

    • A stunning hat! Tricky to wear because of the neck wrap, but Charlotte could carry it off. I can also imagine it on her sister-in-law, Beatrice Borromeo Casiraghi, and on CP Mary.

  2. Carol Kennelly caught my eye this year with her exquisite headpieces.

    Queen Letizia has worn designs that are similar to this. It gives height and has such a delicateness to it. I just think it’s a stunner. It would also work on the Duchess of Cambridge or CP Mary:

    Princess Charlene would look great in this with a fabulous black or white pantsuit:

    The scale of this works so well on Camilla, and I love the dots on it:

    Queen Mathilde:

    Duchess of Cambridge:

  3. Remember the British Hat Guild’s auction of rainbow-themed hats during Ascot: https://www.ascot.co.uk/millinery-auction? I’m imagining some event — maybe a royal tribute to the NHS when this is all over — where the British royals showcase these beauties in an explosion of joyful color. Maybe someone can help me with images since I don’t have an Instagram account, but how about the Lock and Company for Camilla, the Juliette Botterill for Kate, the Beverly Edmondson for Sophie, the Jess Collett for Zara, the Lisa Tan for Beatrice, and the Rachel Trevor Morgan for Eugenie? (I don’t think there’s anything here we can get HM to wear, so RTM will just have to create a design.)

    And one more: Maxima gets the Bee Smith for an exuberant Koningsdag outing!

  4. I would like to see more Dillon Wallwork designs on royal heads (beyond the Countess of Mountbatten). This particular one would suit Camilla well as it is similar to the shapes (and the unfortunate lack of color for spring/summer haha) she prefers:

    While not featured on his Instagram, there is a beautiful violet portrait hat on Wallwork’s website that I would love to see Camilla wear: http://www.dillonwallwork.co.uk/portfolio.html

    It’s a rare treat to see royal men don hats, but I think this particular fedora from Hornskov København would look great on King Carl XVI Gustaf. He often favors dark-colored felt fedoras, so seeing this lighter brown one on him would be a nice switch without straying too far from the conservative color schemes he prefers:

  5. Thank you HatQueen for this opportunity! Some thrilling style choices here and beautifully matched to their (potential) royal hat-wearers!

  6. Since I recently made such a suggestion in a comment on this post, I guess I will get this started haha.

    I think this beret cocktail hat by our own Wies would be fantastic on Princess Laurentien for Prinsjesdag 2021:

    Laurentien would be stunning in burgundy (imagine some champagne/gold lace overlay, either around her midsection or fanning out from the collar, on a solid burgundy dress to tie in with the button!), and this hat style suits her so well.

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