Animal Print?

On Monday, I received some insightful feedback from reader Judith, who wrote,

“While I really like Wies Mauduit’s fur felt fedora featured on 31 December, I would have to say that it is really more cheetah than leopard.  I have been fortunate to live in Botswana, and to get to know two cheetahs at a local reserve.  Leopard spots are much more rosettes than spots.  The cheetah has true round spots, as you can see on the right”.  

Judith- you are absolutely correct. Thanks so much for helping me better learn my animal prints! This exchange inspired my discussion question this week, one that may be one of our toughest yet. Dearest readers- which royal hats can you recall in animal prints?

Photos from Lars Krogsgaard via the Danish Monarchy

47 thoughts on “Animal Print?

  1. What a terrific post this is! I must confess that it is rather difficult to name the spots correctly; sometimes you get fur felts that are a sort of mixture in between tigers and leopards, so to be on the safe side I call them “animal print”, but of course it is more evocative to say “cheetah” or “leopard”. Hard to believe that sixty years ago ladies were still walking around in the real thing, isn’t it?

    I have a nice stash of striped and spotted felts waiting to be turned into hats and some silks too. I’ll take care to mention the name of the right animal, thank you Judith!

  2. Bit of a leap here, but Zara Tindall Cheltenham 2017 with jewels on her hat that look, to me, like leopard rosettes:

    Embed from Getty Images

    Royal adjacent: Dolly Maude with Zara and Mike Tindall Cheltenham 2015

    Embed from Getty Images

  3. The only zebra print hat I can think of is this one, worn by Countess Diane of Nassau, wife of Grand Duke Henri’s brother, Jean, to Prince Felix and Princess Claire’s wedding.
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. Turns out there are nowhere near as many animal print titfers as I thought they’d be. So this one is royal adjacent – The Duchess of Westminster is Prince William’s Godmother at least – and she’s gone full animal print with the dress with a hint of the zebra continued onto the feather. A bold look! Embed from Getty Images

  5. Does this scarf count? Ha ha.
    May 11, 2007: Royal Windsor Horseshow
    Embed from Getty Images

  6. I think a plastic Alice band is as close as we’ll get with Kate… she’s not much of an animal print person, the odd bit including her Dalmatian print coat, but this is it for headwear I think. Embed from Getty Images

  7. MrFitzroy would dearly love to see HM wearing Liz Taylor’s hat!!!!!
    Embed from Getty Images

    • I saw some of these coats too – Princess Margaret also had one. Of course they’ll be made from real leopard fur, which fees incomprehensible to us now!

      • JamesB, I was thinking the same thing as I was reviewing photos…..these sorts of (real) furs used to be so common, and now they literally seem alien, though still interesting as a historical snapshot in time.

        • MrFitzroy, I think a hat swap was in order here… Embed from Getty Images

  8. Princess Michael looking particularly fetching in spots!
    Embed from Getty Images

  9. The former Empress of Iran.
    Embed from Getty Images

  10. Queen Elizabeth: Royal Ascot June 23, 2018
    Embed from Getty Images

  11. Hi Everyone, I have been reading this wonderful blog for a couple of years, but never commented before. It wasn’t until I moved to Africa that I knew the difference between cheetah and leopard. Getting to know two cheetahs, Duma and Letotse (who had been mistakenly hand-reared by another organization, and couldn’t live in the wild) was an amazing experience. I have a soft spot for cheetahs, as they are rapidly declining in numbers. Their fur is fairly soft to the touch, but their tongues are very rough!

    • Welcome Judith to the realm of commenters, and thanks for teaching me to pay better attention to spots with hats and clothes! In my laziness I would’ve called both types of spots “leopard”, but clearly that’s not true.

      Snow leopards are my all-time favorite big cat (and animal in general), but cheetahs are a close second. Extremely jealous you’ve been able to interact with Duma and Letotse! I really hope we never lose either of them (or really any animals) to extinction.

      • Thank you, Jake. I am very appreciative of the expertise of all of you and the insightful posts and comments. This blog educates and entertains me, and is a place of civility, courteousness, and humor.

  12. Like mummy, like daughter! Wouldn’t it be neat if it was the same hat?
    Sophie: December 25, 2014

    Lady Louise: December 25, 2018
    Embed from Getty Images

  13. here’s a subtle grey leopard design on queen mathilde. not convinced of pairing with multi dress but interesting all the same. sorry not great photo, but only transferable image could find.
    Embed from Getty Images

  14. Countess of Wessex Sophie, April 9, 2005
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Snakeskin printed straw from Philip Treacy! Here’s another view
      Embed from Getty Images

  15. Princess Maxima 2004

    Embed from Getty Images

  16. Duchess of Cornwall 2015

    Embed from Getty Images

    • love this feather-trimmed snake print Shanon – another one would love to see soon. sure would match with a number of outfits. thanks for sharing

    • Here’s a better view of this hat, by Philip Treacy
      Embed from Getty Images

  17. Ooh exciting! I love these posts (sure you might have spotted…)
    How’s this for starters?
    Embed from Getty Images

    • would love to see this Treacy hat again James

      heres one of my Camilla favourites – with double animal print on fur and feather…

      Embed from Getty Images

    • Leopard straw by Philip Treacy! Here’s another view
      Embed from Getty Images

    • This was the hat I first thought of for animal print. Thanks for finding and sharing. I think Zara needs to wear it again.

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