Inventory: Countess of Wessex’s Light Pink Hats

To celebrate the Countess of Wessex’s 56th birthday today, we’re taking a look at all of her light pink hats. Here they are in the order that they have publicly been worn:

1. 2. 3.
Designer: Philip Treacy; Philip Treacy; Jane Taylor
Introduced: June 17, 2003;  June 20, 2006; July 30, 2011

4.Embed from Getty Images  5.Embed from Getty Images  6.
Designer: all three are Jane Taylor
Introduced: June 15, 2013; June 11, 2016; June 19, 2018 

Sophie’s royal life has now spanned more than two decades and to see see just six designs in light-medium pink surprised me. What I admire here is diversity- while each addition here is made of straw, they all follow completely different shapes and are trimmed with a distinct focal trim. Are such things coincidental? Maybe. I still appreciate the care taken by stylist, milliner or perhaps even Sophie herself to explore different millinery looks within this one hue. It’s this kind of approach that keeps our focus tuned to her head!

What are your thoughts on this sextet of pink hats?

Images from Tim Graham, Max Mumby/Indigo, Max Mumby/Indigoand Mark Cuthbert via Getty; Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Inventory: Countess of Wessex’s Light Pink Hats

  1. I must say this surprises me. In 20 years as a royal I really thought Sophie would have more than 6 pink hats. Some here are OK but seem very much of their time. I prefer hats that stand the test of time but to each their own.

  2. It’s lovely to see Sophie making good use of a colour that is effectively a basic for her. And no wonder, as pale colours create a very natural easy and flowing look on a blue-eyed blonde. Pale colours are also easy for Sophie to wear since, being visually low key, they don’t demand that she wear bright or strong makeup; whereas brighter and/or darker colour hats can sometimes risk making a light complexion look too pale, unless brighter makeup is worn. I like hats 1, 3, and 6. I feel 2 is a little too oversized for Sophie, 4 a little too tall, and 5 a little too small– but all are pretty.

  3. As you stated HQ, she wears hats in so many different styles and textures that everything seems fresh. I love this color on her. My favorite is #3 because it’s whimsical and picture hats are her forte. It also helps that she was so delighted that day.
    #1 is a great style on her, and #6 is a fabulous design. The black contrasted nicely with the pink and it is a hat I’d love to see her wear again.

  4. I tihnk Sophie is one of all of our favourite hat wearers, she’s unafraid to embrace shape, colour, texture and style – and always has been – but she has really sharpened her look in the past decade and just looks amazing. It’s so great to see a lady hit her stride in her mid years. Number three worn to Zara’s wedding is definitely a fave here.

    This colour is an interesting one; she wears a LOT of hats in this neutral to beige to pink pallate that would get picked up in other inventories I guess, but show that this is one of her favourite colour zones by a long way!

    Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

    • It’s sometimes difficult to confidently determine a hat’s colour especially when, as you say, there are so many ‘in between’ shades and hats look different in different photos.

      To keep me sane (!), I classify based on the main body colour of a hat, not its trim. This leads me to classify the first hat you shared (the lace beret) as ivory/ecru, the boater as white (although the pink floral fabric underside definitely involves a mention here!) and the feathered saucer as purple. Do these classifications make sense?

      The dark pink straw boater will certainly be included with dark pink and burgundy hats!

      • Oh absolutely – makes total sense, and I realised that when posting. It was just your post made me realise how hard it is to differentiate the colours, but also, how much Sophie wears that are at this indeterminate end of the colour wheel. But even when she does go for these colours that on others might be a bit bleurgh, the styling and boldness of shape really make them go ‘pow’.

        • Not all colour classifications make total sense. I had the hat below in and out of this most multiple times, finally deciding it was more peach than pink (now that I see it again I’m second guessing my decision!).
          Colour quibbles aside, you make a great point about Sophie’s pale ecru/beige/blush hats- the styling and shapes are so strong they create an overall look that defies the washed-out colours.

          Embed from Getty Images

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