Monday Multiples: Princess Beatrix

To mark Princess Beatrix’s 83rd birthday yesterday, we’re taking a closer look a lilac straw hat with wide kettle brim she has paired with three floral ensembles:

Look #1: With a purple, pink, turquoise and orange gerbera daisy printed tunic worn July 1, 2008 to christen Holland America’s Eurodam ship

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Look #2:  With a coffee orchid-printed silk chiffon ruffled jacket and a lilac trumpet skit worn January 8, 2012 in the UAE and June 30, 2016 in Slovakia


Embed from Getty Images

Look #3:  With a lilac woven floral jacquard suit with ruffled lapel and sleeve worn for the weddings of Princess Carolina on June 18, 2012 and Prince Guillaume on October 20, 2012

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Which ensemble do you think pairs best with this hat ?

Images from Getty as indicated; Jakub Gavlak and Jakub Gavlak via European Pressphoto Agency

16 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Princess Beatrix

  1. Love this hat – it is so PB! I prefer outfits 1 & 2, with #1 being the winner for me. Outfit 3, I agree, is too matchy matchy. Is it the same skirt in 2 & 3?

    • Good question. At closer inspection, the skirt in outfit #2 is plain (smooth and untextured) fabric and the skirt in #3 is the same monochrome floral pattern as the jacket.

  2. Honestly, I wouldn’t wear any of these outfits but they are SO Princess Beatrix and brought me a big smile on this dreary Monday!

  3. Look 1: I like this look the best, especially when the ensemble’s full view is visible.

    Look 2: While very nice, I’m not a fan of the coffee/pink combination. I found a different hat worn with this outfit, where the lighter hued hat picks up a different color from the floral pattern. This hat could have made its debut in 2010. Better or worse?

    January 22, 2013: Brunei

    September 21, 2010: Prinsjesdag
    Embed from Getty Images

    This hat had a 3rd outing in 2014. All combinations are fantastic.

    April 26, 2014: Kings Day (HM is defying anyone to top her hat! It reminds me of a grey cinnamon roll!)
    Embed from Getty Images

    Look 3: A perfect ensemble for weddings.

    • Jumbo, your link to the full view photo of outfit #1 sealed my vote. This is the best. Do you or anyone know why Princess Beatrix wears this style of hat? I’ve always wondered about this type of style and why she has worn it so frequently. I like it but you don’t see anyone else wearing this style. I love all your insights into hats and those who wear them.

      • Is this shape that distinct? I’m not sure. The round, flat topped crown and round, flat brim puts this hat safely in “boater” classification. There are tweaks- the sharply folded up kettle brim edge, a slight flaring of the crown shape- but even with these modifications, I think it’s still a boater. Thoughts?

      • Royal Warren(t), when you first asked the question concerning Princess Beatrix’s hats, I thought you were referring to the hats’ sizes, not the boater shape. I can only guess it could have something to do with the huge hairdo underneath which determined the large hat size, so the coiffure would not be damaged. With that theory in mind, she may be the only Royal to wear the big cake hats. Just a guess.

    • Jimbo, I have to agree with Royal Warren(t) — having seen the full-length view, I like #1 even more. The solid-color skirt prevents the outfit from being too flowery, and is just enough different than the hat color to avoid accusations of matchiness.

    • I side with camp #1: the graphic shape of the hat goes very well with the bold colourful pattern of the jacket/tunique.
      The alternative hat for outfit no. 2 is a great find, Jimbo! The brim of the the lilac hat seems a bit large for this softer, more feminine ensemble. The brimless toque worn in Brunei looks as if it has just the right volume.

  4. Princess Beatrix has such grace and poise, I think I would like her in anything. But I’m definitely in the minority here so far, I do not care for the color combo of #2 at all (not just the hat but the skirt either). I like the floral fabric of #1 — IMO, the unexpected touch of red adds interest. As an ensemble, I find #3 to be a little too matchy for my taste, but I have to say that photos 2, 3, and 4 of gallery 1 in Look #3 are some of the best “head shots” I’ve seen of Beatrix — I love her facial expressions in all of those photos. So I guess #1 is my vote out of these three, but I would certainly love to see this hat come out of the closet again with yet more fashions!

    • You’re not the only one in the minority Matthew. I quite like this hat, and I think it looks wonderful with the boost of color in outfit #1. It’s a great color on Princess Beatrix, but I think the red does add a lot (as can be seen on the red carpet in outfit #3). She looks divine in this hat and I hope we see it again.

  5. Have to go with #2; it’s well-coordinated without feeling too matchy. #3 is nice, but feels too predictable and monochromatic for my tastes. And something just feels off about #1; I’m guessing it’s the red flowers, but overall I feel the coat is just too busy for this hat.

    • I agree! The idea of a coffee and purple outfit sounds bland but the pattern on that flowy jacket makes it all work. I like #3 but you have to see it close up to see the detail. From far away it’s too matchy matchy.

  6. 2 and 3 are lovely, perhaps the unusual colour scheme of 2 inches it forward. Alas number 1 is a bit lurid for my liking.

  7. This is hard, as Beatrix looks lovely in all the outfits, and the hat compliments each very well. I particularly like the rather unusual coffee and lilac combination, so I’m voting for look #2, but I like them all and it’s a good hat on her.

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