This Week’s Extras

Back on January 20, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia announced the engagement of her son, Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia to Rebecca Virginia Bettarini. The couple’s official betrothal ceremony took place this week, the future bride in a deep claret beaded bandeau.
The Duchess of Cambridge shared an important message this morning in a cozy knit hat


Princess Charlene shared another photo of Princess Gabriella taken at the St. Devote celebration in that charming pink and white bucket hat.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Colourful felt scraps repurposed as trim on this black cloche by American milliner Jennifer Hoertz
Adore the unique shape on this ivory parasisal straw beret with rolled twists by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
How fun is this black steampunk bowler with goggles by British milliner Marie-anne Talbott
Pistachio green teardrop percher with straw lilies and peacock feathers by British milliner Kerry Kernan
Periwinkle felt fedora with pewter snakeskin leather hatband by French milliner Geneviève Parois
Ruby pink silk bandeau with statement silk flowers by British milliner Laura Cathcart
Beautiful texture on this bronze and blue woven straw casual brimmed hat  by Australian milliner Catherine Kelly
Navy felt trilby with patterned top stitching by Japanese brand Maxim
Simple but so, so pretty white feather headpiece by German milliner Antje Lücke
Pink button percher with teal pleated fan trim by British milliner Camilla Rose
Embroidered, pleated, plaid bucket hat by Spanish brand Diaz de Durana
Black lace covered bergere hat by British milliner Justine Bradley-Hill

Little Maria-Alexandra of Romania was baptized last weekend
Queen Rania shared these sweet snaps of the king and Prince Hashem who celebrate their birthdays today

Images from social media as indicated

10 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Beautiful ribbon workin your snowflake hat, Wies!

    I love Sally Casewell’s practical assessment of her hat: “It’s still cold outside! This cap sits low, keeps you warm, and won’t blow off in the wind.” It’s made for Princess Anne — sensible, but with a stylish nod to her ‘60s look and equestrian headgear.

    The Kerry Kernan percher should look overloaded with all those elements, but they somehow come together beautifully. The ivory Jill Humphries percher is so pretty, and the Justine Bradley-Hill bergere is the kind of dramatic piece that Haya wore so well.

    • I love that Wies always adds interest and texture to her designs. Nothing is stagnant with her, and she continues to push her creative ideas. Aren’t we lucky to be able to view her works of art!

      I agree mittenmary that the Sally Casewell is perfect for Princess Anne.
      The Jill Humphries reminds me of a beige hat the Duchess of Cambridge wore early on in her marriage. This would look so wonderful on her as well.
      The Justine Bradley Hill is very reminiscent of Princess Haya. This would also look great on Princess Beatrice.

      • That’s too kind Shanon! I took an online course of ribbon pleating with Australian milliner Louise Macdonald early december just to keep my spirits up. The good thing of millinery is that there are endless techniques and materials to discover. You can go on learning for ever.

    • Thank you Mittenmary. Each ribbon leads to a different design. It is a fun technique to explore and mathematically very satisfying!

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