1954 Australian Tour: Sydney

Royal Hats This film gives a great overview of the 1954 tour- the harbour welcome we heard about firsthand yesterday, the immense crowds, the many travelled miles and some of the lovely hats worn by the young queen that we’ll admire further in coming days.

On February 4, 1954, the Queen opened the New South Wales parliament in Sydney. She wore Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Tiara (the same one that Diana would often wear 30 years later) while the Duke of Edinburgh wore the cap of his tropical white naval uniform.

Embed from Getty Images

2 thoughts on “1954 Australian Tour: Sydney

  1. This was a treat to watch, thank you, I really enjoyed seeing Sydney (before the opera house took its place of prominence at Circular Quay). It was surprising to see that so many women who were waiting in the streets – in the February sun- were hatless, I thought hats were still commonly worn in 1954?

  2. I enjoyed the whole video. It was a nice way to rest after a particularly tough week at work. Thank you for posting for us, dear Hat Queen! What I noticed the most about QEII’s hats on this tour was how small they are. How fashions have changed. The size seemed just right for the petite young Queen. What a long tour! It must have been exhausting, yet the Queen and the Duke look fresh and rested at every event. It seems like very long ago when times were gentler and slower somehow.

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