Inventory: Crown Princess Mary’s Purple Hats

Join me in wishing Crown Princess Mary a happy 49th birthday today with a look at her purple hats, shown below in order of introduction:

1.  2.
Designer: Susanne Juul; Philip Treacy
Introduced: July 27, 2004; December 6, 2004

3.   4.
Designer: Susanne Juul; Jane Taylor
Introduced: June 30, 2008; October 7, 2014 

I’m always fascinated when a dive into a particular royal closet turns up multiple hats of similar shape and colour- such is not the case here! These four designs are not only diverse in shape and scale, they also span the purple spectrum. For one who does not often wear hats, it’s a good mix.

What do you notice about Crown Princess Mary’s collection of purple hats?

Images from Getty as indicated; Julian Parker / UK Press via Getty; Corbis; Julian Parker / UK Press via Getty; Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis

8 thoughts on “Inventory: Crown Princess Mary’s Purple Hats

  1. Hat no.3 is my favourite. The simplicity of the design highlights Mary’s porcelain complexion. The lovely feminine soft lavender color and the texture of the materials reflect the season and her sporty style.
    The board brim suits Mary’s face and celebrates Summer, sunshine, and her radiating smile. Mary polishes the look of Summer ambiance with a pair of white pearl earrings which embellish her porcelain complexion. Relaxed, fresh, simple yet very regal.

  2. Love hat no 3 ,our Princess Mary would look beautiful in any hat,she is a very stunning woman,very deserving of being a princess,it was her destiny .so very proud she really is OUR Princess

  3. She is so classy. All these hats are gorgeous. The bright purple one with the leaves I’ve never seen before on Mary and it’s so cute on her!

  4. She really can wear hats. Any shape and color would look good on her, as evident from these 4 different shapes and shades. I love the picture hat in photo 3. The crown is a great size and the brim is beautifully shaped. The sophistication of the pillbox though is lovely. She looks so chic whenever she wears it. Absolutely one of my very favorite hats.

  5. They’re all great hats, though I’m not sure that bucket/cloche is massively flattering. What you can see though is a greater sophistication in her choices, that last pillbox is just so chic. She’s always looked great but has gotten even more stylish this past few years, with pared down, elegant looks, and these hats document that journey.

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