1954 Australian Tour: Blue Mountain Train Tour

Royal Hats On February 12, 1954, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh began the day in Bathurst before boarding a noon train back to Sydney through the Blue Mountains with stops at Bowenfels, Lithgow, Katoomba and Leura, Echo Point. Her sky blue tailored coat was topped by a two-tone blue calot hat.

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Embed from Getty Images

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6 thoughts on “1954 Australian Tour: Blue Mountain Train Tour

  1. Thanks for the information and the pictures. Ship travel made luggage much easier.

    Jimbo, I can sympathize about the shovelling. We are due for much snow here tonight….and it it the biweekly shopping tomorrow, so I shall be out early.

    The hat boxes certainly look well-used. And juggling all those umbrellas too!

  2. How appropriate – a beautiful blue coat and hat through the Blue Mountains! And two blue days in a row! Even though we’re getting our fill of calot hats, HM looks absolutely amazing each time she steps off a train/plane/limo/etc. Thanks, HQ, for all the research and wonderful photos.

    • Yes, thank you, HQ, for this wonderful retrospective.

      Jimbo’s noting of all the calot hats made me think they might have been almost stackable for packing. (No, I have not been binging on Pringle’s.) While I realize that is highly unlikely, it did make me wonder about travelling with all those hats and the luggage it would require both then and on modern tours. Has anyone ever come across any relevant photos of this?

      • They travelled on the ship, Gothic, from the UK, to the Caribbean, across the South Pacific and back to the Mediterranean, where they transferred to the newly built Britannia which came out to meet them (with Prince Charles and Princess Anne) at Malta. The ship became, essentially, a floating hotel, and they took what was needed for the shorter trips away from it, removing the need to have large amounts of luggage constantly on the move.

      • Catherine, here are some fun shots from HM’s 2015 trip to Berlin, Germany. While there, HM wore six new hats, five of which were Angela Kelly designs. If each hat was packed in its corresponding box, and no other hats were taken along, (highly unlikely!) I’ve included the hat that AK is carrying in the six-sided Rachel Trevor-Morgan box. Don’t you love the no-nonsense labels – “The Queen.”
        (Can you guess that it’s a slow day today, and that I’m stalling to shovel my driveway?)

        June 23 & 25, 2015: Germany
        May 3, 2007: Richmond, Virginia
        Embed from Getty Images

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