Hat From the Past

Royal HatsPrincess Alexandra of Luxembourg celebrates her 30th birthday today, something which calls for a peek into her millinery closet. Back on December 29, 2012, she attended her cousin Archduke Christophe’s wedding in this grey felt cloche. I adore she chose a quintessentially French hat shape for this wedding, which took place in France. It was a chic look for her.

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3 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. As someone with bobbed hair, I’ve always been fond of cloche styles for myself and I really like this one on Alexandra. The colour combo is lovely and perfect for a winter wedding.

  2. A cloche is a tough shape to wear without slipping into costume. This one does it by being really plain and a counterpart to that lovely burgundy. They’re not the most flattering of shapes either, but I think she does a good job of it here, and looks lovely.

  3. Usually I don’t like hats that hide all your hair, but this one looks great! Alexandra has a beautifully shaped face and this hat just frames it beautifully. I also like the contrast in color with her dress. It would be nice if there was a lil’ trim to bring the two colors together.

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