1954 Australian Tour: Canberra

Royal Hats to Monday, February 15, 1954, the third day of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to the Australian capital. The day began with the Queen meeting with a delegation from South Pacific Commonwealth Territories and receiving High Commissioners from the UK, Canada, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka and Malta, along with their wives at Government house. She wore a silk shantung dress with pleated, draped skirt, topped with a matching calot hat. The hat appears to have been trimmed with a crescent of beaded or printed fabric in a swoosh around the back.

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Two hours later, the Queen left to open Australian parliament, resplendent in her coronation gown and diamond fringe tiara. Prince Philip wore his tropical white naval dress uniform complete with cap.
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Following the opening of parliament, the Queen reviewed detachments of Australian Armed Services on parade in front of Parliament House. She wore a white coat with black sawtooth triangle applique on the sleeves and a matching white calot hat with small black feathers and an extended, bonnet-style front.

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13 thoughts on “1954 Australian Tour: Canberra

  1. Hello Prince Phillip! He looks very dashing in his tropical whites!! I think it was so wonderful that HM wore her coronation gown down under! That must have been very special to them! I would love to see the first outfit in color and different views of that hat. The calot tour continues and I think they look really good on HM. I just wish we could inspect the details better.

    • K2classroom, I agree, HM must have been breath-taking in her coronation gown. I have tried in vain to find a color photo of the first ensemble with the unusual dress folds. However, my time has been taken up since Sunday in recuperation. If memory serves me properly, a short time after gifting my lovely wife with her Valentines Day gift (a brand new state-of-the-art right handed snow shovel) everything went dark. It’s surprising how crowded the emergency room was on February 14. Perhaps a lot of domestic tensions, combined with the incessant snow fall. I’ll try to do better in future.

      • The coronation gown is out of this world amazing. So is the skirt on the first dress. LOVE.

        What I don’t love is jokes about domestic violence. Pretty sure it’s in violation of Royal Hat’s comment policy as I read it.

        And yes, I can just hear you saying that I can’t take a joke. I assure you I love a joke more than anyone else. Domestic violence just isn’t funny. I really like your comments, Jimbo, but this one crossed a line for me.

        • Janae, Hat Queen, and all Royal Hats readers, please accept my apology if yesterday’s comment crossed the line. My last intent is to offend or divide our group of hat lovers. You are all another family to me in a way, and I look forward every day to HQ’s offerings and all the “sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but always scintillating” comments, to quote a radio program advertisement. Coming from a large family, sarcasm and lovingly teasing one another was the order of the day, so it is second nature to me.
          I have one more comment already prepared for an upcoming blog entry which should appear within the next day or so, and I promise it will not be offensive, but hopefully enlightening to all. Have a great weekend, all.

  2. I am a very faithful reader if not a commenter, and I just want you to know how much your efforts to keep up the blog are appreciated. It can’t be easy to find topics with very little current activity to report on. I save the blog for after dinner reading. I’ve loved this series and others like it. I carefully pore over your weekly new hat list and look forward to it every week. Thank you for keeping this little piece of normalcy alive and well.

    • Hear, hear! Even when venturing out, the Royals seem to be avoiding hats (possibly feeling hat + mask makes their faces invisible) so you really have a struggle here. Your efforts are much appreciated and I too look in every day, even when I have nothing to add to the comments. Thank you, hat Queen!

      • I’ve been thinking about that too (about the faces being obscured), and yet if a smaller off-the-forehead hat — percher, perhaps, or [gasp] bandeau — were worn, it wouldn’t obscure the upper part of the face in the slightest, so that shouldn’t be an excuse. However, I do recognize that the older royals who tend to stick with a very fixed set of styles might not be willing to suddenly make such a shift.

  3. Well, there you are – I’m here to say I don’t like the draping on the first skirt. It looks like she’s holding up a full length skirt from the dirt. I like the hat, however. Also great to see the Coronation dress without the mantle and ceremonial chain collar covering it.

  4. That was a busy day!

    Love the draping on that first skirt, never seen it before. Also she’s wearing her aquamarine clips on either side which she doesn’t normally and I like it a lot.

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