1954 Australian Tour: Hobart

On Saturday, February 20, 1954, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived in Hobart, Tasmania.

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For their arrival, the queen wore a pale silver silk dress and tailored coat, topped with a silver and black pinstripe silk folded brimless hat trimmed with a curled black feather on the side.

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Embed from Getty Images

On Sunday February 21, the couple attended Divine Service at St. David’s Cathedral then laid a wreath of remembrance at the Queen’s Domain war memorial. For these events, the Queen repeated a green printed dress topped with a green blazer and matching silk draped calot hat. You can see coloured photos of this ensemble, taken on its previous outing on January 19, 1954 in Christchurch New Zealand, here and here.

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On the morning of Monday, February 22, Her Majesty opened Tasmanian parliament.

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Embed from Getty Images

That afternoon, she and the Duke attended a Garden Party (also attended by over 4000 guests!) in the grounds of Government House. For this last event in Hobart, Queen Elizabeth repeated the silk suit she had worn on February 14 to church in Canberra, topped this time with a pale calot. I suspect the hat was the same calot with coiled pyramid side trim that she wore in Newcastle on February 9.

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Images from Getty social media as indicated

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