Belgian Monarchs Commemorate Brussels Bombing

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the 2016 Brussels Bombing which saw 32 people killed and 324 injured in suicide bombings at Brussels airport and in the Brussels’ subway. A memorial to victims was unveiled today in a ceremony attended by  King Philippe and Queen Mathilde. For this event, Queen Mathilde repeated her black felt fedora hat with relaxed brim and simple bow on the side.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabrienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Feb 17, 2021; Jan 27, 2019; Nov 11, 2018

Images from Getty as indicated

6 thoughts on “Belgian Monarchs Commemorate Brussels Bombing

  1. A wonderful outfit on Mathilde, entirely fitting the occasion, notwithstanding the brim comments made by others — it would indeed be nice to have it a bit crisper and sharper,
    QM has been one of the most successful royals this past year when it comes to wonderfully coordinating utilitarian face masks into a stylish component of her ensembles…..but unfortunately there is nothing in that regard one can do with all black in this instance.

  2. Mathilde wears black beautifully, and I like the relaxed brim – it immediately reminds me of Karen Black in Alfred Hitchcock’s last film, “Family Plot.” Even Margrethe’s royal blue beanie made me smile yesterday – it’s so nice seeing more Royal activity come back.
    Is everyone experiencing a little relaxation in Covid protocols where you live?
    PS Great seeing Philip getting home from hospital – I hope for his complete recovery.

  3. The hat looks as if it could do with a trip back to the milliner for some stiffening as the brim seems a tad too relaxed and veering towards floppy. I’d rather see fedoras worn to a winter horse racing event, rather than a formal occasion such as a memorial service and for the same reason I’m not so keen on the coat.

    (I’d give my eye teeth for the earrings and brooch though)

  4. Agree about the federa. The brooch has an arrow at either end that says something could go either way. Doubt that thought went into.
    Overall the Queen looks so nice.

  5. A great outfit on Mathilde, and I agree with trickymum the brooch is the perfect addition. My only complaint is the relaxed raw edge brim is looking a little too relaxed here (a.k.a. misshapen) for what I consider a more formal look.

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