This Week’s Extras

In all of last weekend’s Armistice centenary commemorations, I missed Queen Mathilde who wore a very smart new black felt hat by Fabienne Delvigne.
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Prince Carl Philip out for a fall walk with sons Alexander and Gabriel last weekend, all in casual hats
Wee Princess Elisabeth of Hanover in a sweet pink hair bow, photographed with her mother, Princess Ekatarina and Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece at the London opening of Marie-Chantal’s new children’s boutique
On Wednesday, Empress Michiko wore a lovely new pale pink saucer hat with lattice crin underbrim and floral trim to an event at the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center in Tokyo
Yesterday, Princess Akiko attended the 50th anniversary ceremony of the Professional Ski Instructors Association in a navy hat with wide plaid hatband.
Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Ingrid visited an Arctic research facility today in cosy hats 
King Mohammed opened a new high-speed rail line in Rabat this morning. He was joined by French President Macron on Thursday to inaugurate the railway that boasts the fastest journey times in Africa and the Arab world.
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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Adore the colour on this burgundy felt fedora with wonderful feather trim from French milliner Anthony Peto
Black straw saucer with gold windowpane crin extended brim & bow from Latvian brand Rubina Millinery
Retro pillbox in vintage printed Pucci-esque fabric by Melbourne milliner Chris Mullane
Liquid silver calot with layered hanging chain trim from British milliner Victoria Grant
Dark green veiled headpiece in velvet, straw and crin from Irish brand Marc Millinery
Black straw teardrop percher with straw calla lily trim from London-based Turkish milliner Merve Bayindir
For you dear gents- this very smart navy felt trilby with natty hatband and feather trim from Stetson Europe
Elegant red felt sideswept brim hat with black flower & feathers from British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan
Sparkling black bandeau headpiece with sequin floral trim from British milliner Justine Bradley-Hill
Stunning swirling gold feather headpiece from Australian brand Jack and Jill Millinery

And the loveliest red felt rose trimmed capulet hat (a cloche with upfolded brim around the front) from Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova

Don’t miss reading the marvelous toast given by the Queen to the Prince of Wales at his big birthday party on Wednesday night complete with puns and poignancy. British royal photographer extraordinaire Chris Jackson also shared this wonderful photo gallery of shots he has captured of Prince Charles over the years along with the fantastic pair of portraits took of the Wales family in the garden of Clarence House in summer. Lovely new portrait

Congratulations to Princess Theodora of Greece who announced her engagement to Los Angeles lawyer Matthew Kumar
We end the week with these sweet snaps, shared by Princess Charlene, of Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella’s first trip to Paris where they had tea with Madame Macron.


6 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Mathilde’s fedora is quite lovely, although I do with it didn’t have the raw edge, at least for a more formal occasion like this, but that’s a small complaint.

    So glad to see the Empress in something new before the abdication. This pale pink/dusty rose color is a nice, albeit subtle, departure from her standard greys.

  2. Really like Queen Mathilde’s hat. I much prefer her and Queen Maxima’s pieces from Fabienne Delvigne than the clothes from Natan!

    Great millinery design choices. I wonder about Pucci-esque fabric designs. Do Pucci have a copyright? It is a very distinct design and seeing it I would immediately assume it’s Pucci. Then again, I suppose if he isn’t saying it’s Pucci then it isn’t false advertising.

    The calot with the chin trim looks amazing but I fear it might not be so comfortable to wear in reality. Imagining the chains hitting eyes or glasses!

    My favourite is the red capulet hat with folded brim and rose trim.

  3. HatQueen, Thank you for the very enjoyable “This Week’s Extras” installment, it was quite entertaining.
    A few things came to mind today:
    1. Queen Mathilde’s new black hat is great – simple, elegant, et tres chic.
    2. It’s nice to see Prince Carl Philip appearing like one of us – he seems devoted to his young brood.
    3. Princess Michiko is refined and dignified as always, but I also like seeing her in deeper colors occasionally.
    4. Fantastic “caught my eye” section this week, especially the dark green from Marc Millinery which is very festive, and the red feathered Rachel Trevor Morgan which could easily be placed on a certain Royal head that we all know and love. Thanks for remembering the gents – I could use that navy trilby as a replacement to my current (and dated) navy winter hat.
    5. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa looks absolutely beautiful. Her “new look” is lovely.

    • Sorry, I posted the above comments too fast!
      6. The pictured red capulet hat looks ideal for the oncoming cold weather. It should come in multiple colors.

  4. I’d like Queen Mathilde’s sharp new hat tilted up a little since it obscures her face.

    How lovely to see the Empress in this color. The trim on this saucer is very pretty.

    Wonderful royal photos all around, including the Chris Jackson slideshow. The Prince of Wales has certainly kept his haberdashers busy over the years, hasn’t he? His sons haven’t so far, but here’s hoping!

    Beautiful use of metallics in many of the new designs this week. The sparkle and glimmer would really show well at this grey time of year.

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