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Queen Elizabeth visiting Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on May 25, 2005 

As Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit reminded yesterday, today is “Wear A Hat Day” in support of brain tumor research. Join in milliners and hat wearers around the world on Instagram here donning a hat for this important cause (and by all means, share your social media selfie in the comments here as well!)

Thanks, Mittenmary, for suggesting this very fun photo!

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34 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. “Ma’am, please return to your vehicle, we’ve had reports of a rather questionable stalker in the vicinity. Please step away from the corgi’s and heed your protection officer.”

    Embed from Getty Images

  2. Fun how the little girl with the camera appears to be mounted on the top of Her Majesty’s hat! Hats with royal cutouts could be handy for improving visiblity in large crowds.

  3. OK FRIENDS!! If we don’t look too excited, she might take us home with her and we can also be in a JAMES BOND MOVIE!!!

  4. QEII: Let’s see. I’ll take that one. And that one. Oh, and this one. Wait. And the one over there. Sigh. I’ll just take them all.

  5. “We’re not sure who this lady in pink is, but it looks like there’s someone else over on the other side of the street who might have some food for us!”

  6. Forget the hat… I can’t stop looking at the expressions on those dog’s faces!!!! adorable. They recognize a dog lover when they meet one.

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