This Week’s Extras

The Imperial princesses in hats on Friday for the New Year’s Poetry Reading

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Beautifully textured and patterned straw pillbox hats by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Charming black straw cloche by French brand Mademoiselle Chapeaux
Quirky purple sinamay button percher with pea pod trim by British milliner Kerry Kernan
Caramel chettah printed felt trilby with vibrant turquoise hatband by British brand Sahar Millinery
The most wonderfully ethereal crin leaves on this kettled brim design by German Milliner Susan Pieper
Taupe straw mushroom brim hat with striped buntal hatband by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Adore the effortlessness of this fuchsia Garbo hat with wild flowers by British brand John Boyd Hats
Green pompom bandeau by British milliner Alexandra Harper
Classic black and ivory picture hat with extended lattice basket weave sinamay brim by Irish milliner Anna Mulcahy
Pink straw button percher with fabulous cream, pink and apricot ruffled trim by British milliner Ellie Vallerini
Bulgarian brand Hatter’s Daughter did a fantastic job recycling two felt hats into this striking cloche!
Such lovely texture on this ecru striped fabric overlapping petal bandeau by Japanese brand Himeo
Vibrant spring green beret with feather leaves and white orchids by Irish milliner Julie Kenny
Sweet coral straw boater with twist and floral trim by British brand SB Millinery
Daring red brimless design by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva with lace veil
Elegant grey felt pork pie hat with silk hatband and looped flower trim by French milliner Sylvia Martinez
Ethereal picture hat with oversize silk flowers and pink tulle by British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan
Magical gold crocheted cage beret by German milliner Stephan Dietrich


Fascinating articles over at The Court Jeweler and Royal Musings about the tiara chosen by Victoria Bettarini for her October 2021 wedding to Grand Duke George of Russia. It’s breathtaking.
Sweet photos of Prince Charles of Luxembourg who accompanied his parents to plant three trees at the Grand Duke Jean orchard in Fischbach

Congratulations to Zara and Mike Tindall on the safe arrival of Lucas Philip last Sunday, and to Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip on their new son, Prince Julian, who arrived on Friday.

Images from social media as indicated 

11 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I always enjoy seeing photographs of the Imperial princesses all together with their lovely outfits and hats and agree with Jake that there should be a word for it. “Bevy”, if nothing else.

    The hat by Ana Victoria Mulcahy is fabulous, as are the others, particularly the one recycled from two hats — how clever!

    I love the story of the home birth of Zara and Mike’s latest child — one of the biggest news stories here years ago was a baby delivered at home in the bathroom by the woman’s 12-year-old son, who was receiving instructions over the phone from an EMT. She had waited too long to go to the hospital on her own, and even when an ambulance was called, they couldn’t get there in time.

  2. Wonderful news about Prince Julian! Best wishes to the family.

    I loved the video of Mike Tindall telling his friends about his wife’s birth. No pomp and circumstance with him. Best wishes to the family!

    – I love the straw pillbox hats by Jolana Kotabova. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a straw one. The Countess of Wessex would look great in these.
    – Really unusual hatband on the Myra van de Korput mushroom brim. Definitely a great choice for Queen Maxima.
    – The black and ivory picture hat by Irish milliner Anna Mulcahy is classic Camilla.
    – I love the vibrant spring green beret with feather leaves and white orchids by Irish milliner Julie Kenny. Autumn Phillips or Princess Beatrice.
    – Princess Charlene would look chic in the red brimless design by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva with lace veil.
    – I love the streamlined elegance of the grey felt pork pie hat with silk hatband and looped flower trim by French milliner Sylvia Martinez. This would be lovely on the Duchess of Cambridge.

    A couple of other picks that I liked this week:

    dahlia hat
    Bee Smith Hats
    CP Mary

    Bee Hat
    Millinery Jill
    Princess Beatrice

    • Excellent choices, Shanon! HatQueen often features Myra van de Korput and Jolana Kotabova, and they (along with Wies) top my list of milliners whose designs should be on royal heads. Those straw pillboxes would be an inspired change of pace for all of the royals who favor that style: Mary, Sylvia, Sonja…

      LOVE the winter white beret! And the bee hat for Beatrice is perfect!

  3. Ahhhh! Spring hats are the best hats! I just love the Easter colors! The sun was out today in Colorado and it felt so good shining on my back as I took a walk! I just want to buy a sun dress to go with John Boyd’s fuschia Garbo hat and take a cruise to the Bahamas, or the Caribbean or the Greek Isles! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? All the pink hats in Julie Kenny designs left me wondering which one I would pick if I had the $ and the dress to go with them. Mike Tindall’s story of the birth of his son had me feeling stressed for Zara. Thankfully, everything ended well. It reminded me of my OB MD telling me that 95% of births happen without much need of the MD, it’s those other 5% that require a MD.

  4. It’s unfortunate we didn’t get detailed shots of the Japanese hats this week, because it looks like another great group made appearances (what do you call a group of hats? haha).

    It’s amazing how we were admiring Zara’s Cheltenham hats, and literally within 2 days she was giving birth on her bathroom floor. Definitely a great story, and loved how Mike just casually dropped it into the rugby conversation.

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