Queen Marks Australian Air Force Centenary

Queen Elizabeth attended a service at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Air Forces Memorial in Runnymede today to mark the 100th anniversary of the Australian Air Force. 

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For her first public engagement outside Windsor Castle this year, she repeated her cream straw and lime silk wool split crown shaped hat trimmed with a spray of silk orchids and a slim green bow at the side. The colour palate makes this such a great choice for spring in the Northern Hemisphere- it just feels hopeful. Even with its clunky crown shape, that hopefulness makes this ensemble such a lovely great choice for today (along with her Australian wattle brooch!).

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Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: July 4, 2019; June 22, 2019March 28, 2019April 21, 2016 

We’ve not seen this hat for nearly two years- what are your thoughts about it after its outing today?

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20 thoughts on “Queen Marks Australian Air Force Centenary

  1. Oh dear, It’s the banana hat!
    Don’t get Mr Fitzroy wrong…..everything about HM today is wonderful, and anything that might not be — can be overlooked!.
    Though the general critiques here are totally fair….but any of those pale in comparison to those orchid buds…..they don’t read well, they look out of place — and so plastic (as our ever astute HatQueen also noted)…..lets face it, cymbidium orchids have unattractive buds no matter what one might try to do with them.. The white blooms benefit from being broken up a bit, but there had to be another way. If there was a top candidate for a ‘remodel’ this would be on the list.

    On the other hand, HM is out and about, smiling, looking happy to be back in the world, and God Bless Her, Given that, who can really quarrel with whatever she decided to wear….especially when the Wattle brooch is part of the mix!!!!

  2. Agree with Jimbo.
    So wonderful to see HM out and about that I don’t feel comfortable criticizing the hat.
    Bless her heart!

  3. How lovely to see HM out again.
    Have missed her so much with her lovely smile and beautiful outfits. Yes, the hat is a little too heavy, but overall accomplishes what we need. A lovely burst of spring flowers!

  4. It’s sooooo nice seeing HM out today, looking spring-like and happy, that it seems borderline sacrilegious criticizing her hat, but I do agree with everyone’s comments.
    Speaking of jarring, JamesB, I found a rear view of this hat from a previous outing, along with a photo without her coat. Does she have TWO exact brooches, one for her coat, and one for her dress? (Don’t roll your eyes, I’m only kidding.)

    July 4, 2019: Gorgie City Farm, Edinburgh
    Embed from Getty Images
    March 28, 2019: King’s Bruton, Somerset
    Embed from Getty Images

    • The back view is actually more successful I think. The rounded shape of the split crown is more obvious.

      As for the brooches, I imagine she. She’s gifted one (such as when she was given the wattle in Australia), she just informs them they’ll need to make another to give her so that she has one for when she takes her coat off. Anything else would be stingy wouldn’t it.

  5. I was a bit surprised to see this one out again, but this shade of green is wonderful and is obviously very appropriate for the current season in the northern hemisphere. I also feel like the floral trim is more open/blooming than in the past (if true, then I approve!), but it just may be a trick of the camera angles. Again, the main issue is how the two materials come together awkwardly in the crown; usually I like this shape and think it’s done well, but unfortunately not as much here. Finally, HM’s hair seems a bit longer than usual; do we think she’s also had to forgo haircuts during the current lockdowns? 😉 (no disrespect, just meant to be a lighthearted observation of the crazy times we’re living through)

    All in all, great to see HM out and in a hat!

  6. May I say it…I do wish they would come up with something new..design..rich looking trim ..for our wonderful Queen.. she so deserves it.
    I would like to see more sparkle and a different shape hat in general.
    Sorry it is the way that I feel.

  7. I actually don’t mind this. It’s a happy color, the flowers are cheery and it makes me happy that Spring is here (even where I live). She looks so pleased to be out and about. Hopefully this is the beginning of many, many more engagements this year.

  8. Off topic, but I’m having trouble seeing embedded photos lately. I can see Instagram embeds, but others just say ‘Embed from Getty Images’ where the picture should be. Does anyone have any ideas?is there something I should change in my settings? I’m using Safari on an iPad. Thanks for any help!

    • Erin, sometimes it might be an issue with your Safari cache. Try deleting your history to improve space. Also, avoid having multiple web pages open simultaneously. You might also want to check your overall iPad memory under Settings. Finally, sometimes my iPad seems to get slow and a bit ‘cranky’ when an update is needed. Check this under settings too.

      Good luck!

  9. Not much to say that hasn’t been said. It’s a lovely colour and fabric, but where the fabric and straw join creates a step that’s just a bit jarring.

    Bit how fab to see HM out and about, looking so well ans bringing the Wattle brooch for extra sparkle. Hurrah!

  10. I love the colour and it’s great to see HM out and about. She looks very fresh and Springlike. But the hat is a fail. Having admired the recent beautifully made Japanese royal hats, this looks like an amateur “How to jhuzz up a straw hat in two easy steps”. Plus the awkwardly shaped crown.

    • Let’s remember that someone put a lot of time and skill to make this hat. While the floral trim looks manufactured (those orchid buds are rather plastic-y), the brim binding is impeccable- not a pucker nor a stitch in sight.

      Although- I can’t disagree about the crown shape.

  11. Sorry, but like most of the Angela Kelly hats, it’s the crown that ruins it for me. Admittedly, this one’s not as bad as others, but still-between the shape & weird split color thing, it’s a no. Would have been much better, in my opinion, for the crown to be completely wrapped in the green.

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