My Years With The Queen

Tributes for Prince Philip have continued pouring in this week. While not officially a tribute, Lady Pamela Hicks’ memories of the queen and late Duke of Edinburgh provide a wonderful view into their lives and is well worth a watch. And the hats- well, there are some beauties.

7 thoughts on “My Years With The Queen

  1. I loved this documentary – Lady Pamela has charm and humour in bucketloads and she and India are a fantastic double act. Her unapologetic snobbishness was also amusing, when asked what would happen if a lady in waiting didn;t have a family tiara, to just comment that ‘someone from that sort of family wouldn;t be a lady in waiting’, whilst true, did make me chuckle.

  2. I love the story of the Queen telling the people who found her on the beach of a “deserted” island asking where HM was, “She went that way!” This shows her sense of humor and need for a quiet moment like any of us would have.

  3. That was a lovely video. I find Lady Pamela’s and India’s conversations to always be fun and fascinating. How extraordinary it would be to walk in Lady Pamela’s house and see all those photos and pieces of history.

  4. It is such an interesting and delightful documentary! I love how Lady Pamela Hicks’ house is full of amazing memorabilia from her close connetion to the various European Royal Families. What I would give to spend some time there to look at it all and feel somehow connected to the history of it all. I love what she said about being a lady-in-waiting and wearing a tiara 🙂

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