Funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh

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Members of the British royal family gathered today at St. George’s chapel to celebrate the life of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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I’m sure you all join me extending our deepest sympathy to Queen Elizabeth and her family as they grieve his loss.

Commentary and discussion about hats feels unnecessary today. Comments are left open for messages of condolence.

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13 thoughts on “Funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh

  1. The picture of his carriage breaks my heart. His cap, gloves, whip–and the little red container for the sugar lumps. I’m so glad that he left the carriage and ponies to Lady Louise.

  2. Thank you, HatQueen, for the very dignified photographic review of this sad and solemn occasion. It was televised in the morning here, and we recorded it for watching later in the day. There were indeed moments that brought tears to my eyes, and I appreciated the ability to pause the recording from time to time before going on. We also had the opportunity to watch various looks back at the life and accomplishments of Prince Philip compiled earlier in the week, which were much appreciated.

  3. HQ, thanks for the respectful, dignified post, just like the funeral was yesterday.
    The three things that literally brought tears to my eyes were:
    1. The 95 year old queen sitting all by herself in the chapel.
    2. Philip’s cap and gloves on the carriage.
    3. The singing of “Eternal Father, Strong to Save.” Our hymnal has a verse each for sea, land, and air, with the Trinitarian verse 4 combining all three.
    The one image that brought me back from the sadness to total delight was the Royal couple on the Scottish hillside, with the Duke’s hat on his knee.
    As Bob Hope (born in England) would have sung: “Thanks for the memory.”
    RIP Prince Philip.

  4. I appreciate the well-chosen collection of photos. Like many others, I found the pared-down service very moving. Hoping Her Majesty took some comfort from it and the presence of her family.

  5. Dear HatQueen,

    I watched the funeral yesterday and loved your selection of photos.

    I understand your respect for the occasion but wonder if you could find the time during this coming week (since the period of official mourning ends today) to cite the design and designers of the various hats together with whether they were new or had previously been worn. I for one would appreciate it very much.

    Many thanks.

    • The Queen was in repeated Angela Kelly; The Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge in repeated Philip Treacy. Princess Anne, Lady Sarah Chatto, Princess Alexandra and Countess Mounbatten were all in repeated hats. The remaining ladies wore new designs: Princess Beatrice in Sarah Cant, Princess Eugenie in unknown, Zara Tindall in Juliette Botterill and The Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise in Jane Taylor.

  6. Such a sad and poignant ceremony, and made all the more so by such a reduced congregation and distancing in the chapel. Everyone looked very sad but gave him a dignified farewell. I also thought Kate looked particularly beautiful today.

  7. I watched this @ 6 am here in California. Perfect service, I think. Sorry that this occasion gave me a glimpse at some “car pictures” of Sarah Chatto and Princess Alexandra, who we see so seldom. Admire them both.

    My heart goes out to HM and all her family today.

    Thank you, HQ, for this post.

  8. It was a very emotional and moving ceremony today. The choir, piper and trumpeters were all exquisite. Much sympathy to our Queen from Canada.

  9. His carriage (his own design) with his cap and jar of treats for the horses on the bench, was in the quadrangle at Windsor Castle. So poignant.
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