Inventory: Queen Margrethe’s Pink Hats

We’re peeking into Queen Margrethe’s hat wardrobe today for a look at her pink hats. At the turn of the millennium there were a handful in regular use:

These are now retired, replaced by new designs added since~2009:

1.  2.  3.
Designer: unconfirmed (all are likely Per Falk Hansen)
Introduced: May 9, 2009 or earlier; Feb 16, 2010 or earlier; June 2010 or earlier 

4.  5.   
Designer: unconfirmed (both are likely Per Falk Hansen); flowers on the light pink hat by Effi Pingel
Introduced: June 26, 2015; July 15, 2017 

UPDATE: Since this post was published, Queen Margrethe has added the following pink hats:

Designer Mathilde Førster 

Introduced: May 15, 2021

I’ll admit- I did not expect this inventory to be so small. When I think of the Danish queen’s style, I think bright colours and while a few of these hats meet that mark, I somehow thought she had considerably more hats in this hue. Granted, several designs I thought of as pink turned out to be red but even so…

What do you notice about Queen Margrethe’s pink hats?

Images from Kay Nietfeld / picture alliance; Georges Merillon/Gamma-Rapho, Emmanuel Dunand/AFP, Julian Parker/UK Press, Francis Dean/Corbis, Sergei Grits/AFP, Ole Jensen – Corbis/Corbis, and Ole Jensen via Getty and Corbis

13 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Margrethe’s Pink Hats

  1. The Queen does look great in all these shades of pink, but I think the darker, more saturated colored hats look even nicer. The pale #s – 1, 3, @ 5, although beautiful, blend closely with HM’s skin tone. So my favorite(s) are retired #3, and #2, both with brims. Retired #1 is very nice, and #2 with the unique metallic looking bands, and being worn with an all black ensemble, no other visible pink, is an interesting color pop. I’m still on the lookout for full length photos of retired #3.

    July 20, 1998

    October 12, 1999
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. I thought there would be a lot more pink hats, especially bright pink ones. I don’t ever remember seeing #1 and #2 before. #2 is really nice.

  3. I agree that Margrethe looks good in virtually every shade of pink, and to MittenMary’s comment about brimmed hats, I would add _upturned_ brimmed hats — although I like the color and embellishment of #4, I feel it hides her face way too much (although less so when I look back at the photos on the original post, possibly just the camera angle is giving this impression). First and third of the retired hats (third perhaps with a different color band) could probably still be worn today, though unlike Princess Anne, they are probably not still in the closet.

  4. Pink is certainly Queen Margrethe’s color. She looks lovely in all it’s shades.
    My favorites are “pre 2009 and now retired” #1 & #3.
    In the current rotation, #5 is my favorite.

  5. Not a new observation, but Margrethe is best served by brimmed hats. Two other thoughts: she likes to experiment with different shape. I like the panache of #1. (What would we call that shape?) Also, I’m struck by the graphic stripes on two of these. Do we need a Hats with Stripes challenge, HQ?

    • I also always thought she looked better in brimmed hats. My favourite of the 8 would be the latter of the retired ones: the dark pink with the yellow band. The Queen is certainly one that can pull off such a colour combination – in fact I think she can almost pull off any colour combination she set her mind to.

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