Confirmation of Danish Prince

Prince Christian of Denmark was confirmed yesterday at Fredensborg Castle Church in a small service attended by close friends and family who live in the area.  

Crown Princess Mary wore a new hat for the occasion. In royal blue straw, the beret base shape is trimmed with large silk calla lily flowers and wired leaves.

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Mary placed the hat on the back of her head, leaving the flowers and leaves sweeping forward over her forehead. This placement makes sense of the long leaves – the way the leaves and flowers frame Mary’s face like a bandeau really works. The piece pairs well with her navy dotted dress to make a stylish look that doesn’t stands up well without standing out and I’m sure many of you will notice Mary’s sapphire brooch is the same one worn for Christian’s christening. I always love such sweet, sentimental touches.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Susanne Juul. Dress by Iris & Ink
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Queen Margrethe also wore a new hat for this milestone, a bright pink beret simply trimmed with a large side twist.

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Margrethe wears vibrant colour well and after our recent look at her pink hats, it’s great to see her add another. Yes, the whole ensemble is a rather punchy hit of colour but it feels very authentic to Margrethe’s style. Like everything we’ve seen from Mathilde Førster’s studio, this hat is impeccably made- I’m unable to find a single waver or pucker on that beautifully sewn edge on the twist.

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Like many families, the event was celebrated on a smaller scale than originally planned (and held a year after originally scheduled!).  As such, it was lovely to see both Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary bring a greater sense of celebration to the occasion with the debut of new hats.

What do you think of this new pair of berets yesterday in Denmark?

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6 thoughts on “Confirmation of Danish Prince

  1. Funny, I don’t like Mary’s hat at all on the stand, but somehow it works the way she has it styled. I suspect the dark color helps as the leaves are a little claw-like, which would be more noticeable in a lighter color, I love Margarethe‘s, though. It’s great to see her in pink, and that edged curl is the perfect finishing touch. Bonus points for the good back view as seen in the church photo.

  2. Mary’s hat is a little bit meh for me. I’d rather have seen the hat originally worn for his Christening or even remade in navy.

    I love the colour chosen by Queen Margarethe it reminds me of the colour she wore for Mary and Frederick’s wedding. As for her hat that style always looks odd as there’s no hair to be seen on the side of her head – if her hair was teased into some fullness on the sides (as so often done when she wears a tiara) I think it would make a huge difference.

  3. I can barely see the hat base on Mary’s hat and thought it might even be a fascinator. I think the base is dark and so is her hair and it kinda blends in. Yes, it’s an understated hat since she wasn’t the star yesterday, so very appropriate. I love the way the family coordinated their outfits with blue, cream, and polka dots! Queen Margrethe looked great! Again, not a standout hat, but a standout color!

  4. They all look so happy to be celebrating this together.

    Mary looks very chic, I love the dress and the hat is gorgeous. My only quibble is that the brooch is a little bit adrift on the dress, it gets a bit lost which takes some doing with the fabulous jewel!

    I also love Margrethe’s outfit, which is lucky, as I suspect we’ll be seeing a fair bit of it!! Great colour, and with the navy and cream colour scheme of the Crown Prince family she really pops.

  5. An unexpected surprise to see these hats yesterday in my social media feeds!

    Margrethe really shines in this watermelon pink ensemble and looked so pleased to be with her grandchildren again. This hat appears to be a twin/sibling of this one (, but I’m not complaining since both look great on her! Her daisy brooch and toasted caramel-colored shoes set off the rest of the brightly colored outfit perfectly.

    Until I read this post I thought Mary was wearing a fascinator. It’s unfortunate there’s not a good photo of how she secured this in her hair, but secured it she did! A good choice for this event which called for something more formal but in an intimate way.

    Also have to add my appreciation for the navy blue 3-piece suits and double monkstrap shoes on Christian and Frederik; love me a good monkstrap and tailored suit!

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