Koningsdag 2021

King Willem-Alexander celebrated his 54th birthday today in Eindhoven, a southern Dutchcity that brands itself as a hub for high-tech innovation, with a largely digital version of the annual royal walkabout.  used the occasion to debut a draped toque hat in a lively green and yellow silk ikat print.

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Even with the same use of pattern on the skirt and hat (contrasting on the blouse), it’s a lot of pattern for one ensemble. I think it works better with the yellow coat, which unexpectedly quiets down the overall look. It also works better, photographically, in still, posed shots rather than in-motion (see the lovely bottom two images).

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Natan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

We’ve not seen Máxima in a new toque hat for a long time. What do you think of this new addition?

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8 thoughts on “Koningsdag 2021

  1. I agree that the hat looks better with the solid yellow coat than with the dress of the matching fabric, and like Jake’s suggestion of the 2018 Utrecht hat as an alternative for this dress. Also, although I don’t object to “matchy” as much as some other participants in this blog, the matching clutch really is a bit much. Almost like there was a little bit of fabric left over after making the dress and hat, and they hated to waste it!

  2. The toque is not my favourite style of hat, but I do think Maxima wears it well. I actually like it as part of this ensemble, but I agree with other posters that it shows up to better effect when seen with the solid colour of the coat. It is great to see Maxima in full Queen fig with hat when we have seen so little of such outfits over the last year.

  3. I actually rather love this outfit and hat in Máx, in a year where we’ve not seen much formal royal style, this exuberant look is exactly what we want and she delivered. I thought the contrasting fabrics were so well done, as ever she can’t stop herself, but I’m all over it.

    No hats but the Princesses look really great, they look like such lovely, happy women, and I think they’re going to give us lots of fun in years to come. They’re such a lovely family.

    • I also agree that it is a lovely outfit on the Queen. Maybe it is because we have been “starved” on photos of the Queen, but it is just so good to see her, the King and their daughters again. I was especially thrilled to see the Princess of Orange wearing some historical pieces from the Dutch Royal Family’s collection of jewels. Hopefully that is a good sign of what will come in the future. One can only hope that the Princess has inherited her mother’s joy and flair for jewels.

  4. I think the outfit ‘drowns’ the hat. It’s all too much when the fabric is used in large scale. The hat looks so much better when seen against the plain coat.

  5. I agree Jake that the green slice hat is a terrific alternative to this silk toque and I especially adore the emerald earrings she wore with it (see last picture). However, somehow I love this ensemble, “matchy-matchy and all! Queen Maxima’s hair is styled beautifully, I don’t like Natan that much but she and Queen Matilde seem to love him and I do like this outfit. Everything does seem to look better with the yellow coat, her shoes go perfectly in style, fabric and color, and my only quibble would be that the clutch be similar in color to her shoes instead of the silk of the dress fabric and perhaps in a different texture. The princesses all look beautiful and I would love it if Princess Amalia would wear a bandeau or other headpiece but since she’s not yet 18 I shall refrain from any criticism since there’s plenty of time for the trio of sisters to start wearing formal headgear. I particularly like the feeling of closeness that this family exudes with their smiles and ability to laugh with one another. What a lovely King ‘s Day.

  6. This is unfortunately too much of a good thing IMO.

    I think the outfit is great (I have a tie in similar colors) and the yellow coat is a great addition that helps calm down the pattern. But adding in a hat and clutch of the same patterned fabric took it to very matchy-matchy territory for me. While it might not color match perfectly, I think this teal green slice hat (https://royalhats.net/2018/10/05/queen-maxima-celebrates-utrecht-neighbourhood/) would pair very nicely with this ensemble.

    Side note: I think Máxima’s hair looked fantastic! Great to see the whole family out for a subdued Koningsdag.

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