Princess Royal Marks Anzac Day

On Sunday, Princess Anne and her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, took part in memorial services to commemorate Anzac Day. For the dawn service at at Wellington Arch and morning service at Westminster Abbey, the Princess Royal repeated her purple felt fedora hat trimmed with twisted bow and curling feathers on the side.

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The hat’s deeply creased crown and extended brim gives it a slightly retro vibe that suits Anne well and links with the large 70s-esque lapels on her coat. I particularly like this deep purple for memorial events such as these.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: Dec 25, 2019; Dec 30, 2018Aug 26, 2018March 16, 2018  

Any thoughts about Princess Anne’s fedora on this, its fifth outing?

Images from Getty as indicated

6 thoughts on “Princess Royal Marks Anzac Day

  1. Still love this. Little else to add, but really struck me now this is almost a carbon copy of one of my favourite of HM’s hats (and outfits). A perfect hat for the occasion and so flattering too.
    Embed from Getty Images

    • The hat looks lovely and the colour suits her very well. Rather a shame that the coat lapel hasn’t been altered to make it a little more up-to-date.

    • JamesB,
      1. I agree with you wholeheartedly – purple is such an ideal color for Royal memorial services. Also, have you noticed that when HM steps out for some funeral remembrance services, she wears black with a little white (hope?) included in the ensemble? Nothing goes to chance or is coincidental.
      2. I think HM’s hat you posted looks so different in its original guise, and I’m on the fence; which one is better – the original large brimmed sassy number, or the familiar, more balanced, trimmed version which was made for the hat’s second outing?

      November 11, 2009
      Embed from Getty Images

      3. Today, Queen Elizabeth made a Zoom call to Buckingham Palace from Windsor. She looked very happy, yet tired. Oh, for 1/2 her stamina.

      • Oh there’s no question for me – the original larger brim was fabulous, and I mourned when it was cut down; I tihnk she was still very visible under the larger brims, but a shade more sassy!

        I had noticed the b/w colour scheme for memorial services and less high profile funerals, it’s a colour way that suits her so well, yet still shows respect.

  2. I see similarities to the “Slouch” hat in the vibe that the Princess Royal’s portrays. It only needs to have the left hand brim edge curled up to meet the crown to be truely representative. Purple for royalty too.

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