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A few weeks ago I mentioned a project I was working on behind the scenes. I’m so pleased to announce today’s launch of The British Millinery Association and most honoured to be a founding Ambassador.

Don’t worry- I have no plans to give up Royal Hats and things will continue here as usual. These weekend ‘extras’ posts have made me increasingly aware of a much larger millinery industry beyond just royal hats. The British Millinery Association aims to draw this larger group into an inclusive community that regularly gathers to develop skills, share ideas, preserve millinery’s heritage and innovate for the future. While primarily geared to milliners in the UK, membership is open to anyone passionate about hats, anywhere in the world.

For more information, visit The British Millinery Association and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Now- back to the hats!

King Carl Gustav was in military uniform and cap yesterday to celebrate his 75th birthday

Embed from Getty Images

A very fun view of the top of several royal hats worn ten years ago to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding. To look back at all the hats at this wedding, jump over here.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Scarlet flat beret with appliqued  black  brocade lace and tulle pompom  by Australian milliner Lisa Hughes
Such striking stitching on this tan felt art deco inspired cloche by German brand Malinè
Petite sky blue saucer with floating blossoms by London-based milliner Merve Bayindir
Magenta felt fedora with kettle brim and high contrast yellow feather by Polish milliner Marta Ruta
A feast of textures on this ecru straw and silk boater hat with feathers by British milliner Beverley Edmonson
Avocado leather beret with green and gold feather flowers by Australian brand Locopa Designs Millinery
Such creative embellishment for this textured charcoal straw pillbox by South Korean milliner Eun Young Lee
Goldenrod yellow oversize cloche trimmed in satin and tan guipure lace by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Burnt orange floral headpiece by Australian milliner Melanie Atherinos perfectly paired with a painterly dress
The most elegant shape on this oversize black straw cloche by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
The prettiest periwinkle straw saucer with lush silk flowers and quills by British brand SB Millinery
Stunning beaded bow on this petrol blue velvet beret percher by Russian milliner Anna Andrienko
Deep berry pink silk bow headpiece by American milliner Christine Moore
Orange felt beret with colourful ribbon pinwheels by London-based Spanish milliner Rafa Peinador
Plum straw beaded button with an ethereal pleated crin brim by British milliner Victoria Grant

Lovely video and portraits shared by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their 10th wedding anniversary.

Images from social media as indicated 

23 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. What a fun “This Week’s Extras” post, HQ, and congrats on your new millinery venture. The first thing that came to my mind is – where do you find the time to do such a fantastic job here at Royal Hats, as well as all the other things you do, whether professional or personal? There are only 24 hours in the day!
    Wies, another outstanding hat! Was it created for a specific occasion? I’m asking because of the unique shade of yellow being used. I could envision it in so many other spring/summery colors also – just perfect.

    • Thanks, Jimbo. The response to The British Millinery Association has been wonderful. Thank you all so much.

      As for time… it’s always a tough balance. When posts don’t appear here right away or when it takes a week (or more) to return an email, that’s why!

    • Thank you Jimbo, and MittenMary. The hat is called Tea at the Embassy, because I imagined it might be suitable for such an occasion, though I have no idea if people ever get invited to take tea at Embassies! II thought of it like something that might happen in a Hercule Poirot story by Agatha Christie.
      I bought the lace in Paris, because I liked the colour and flower motif. Guipure lace is rather expensive, so I bought just enough for one or two hats and then sourced the other materials to combine it with. The hat took 34 hours to make: for the 3D flowers I stiffened and wired the lace and then hand embroidered them.
      (I posted pictures of this hats on my IG account before and I think HatQueen already remarked on it on that occasion, but it is such a happy colour that wanted to give it another outing.)

  2. Love the hat pictured by Eun Young Lee, and many of the other selected designs — thanks for continuing to show us the latest millinery creations each week! Also, what a fun birds-eye view of the Cambridge wedding — it’s a rare treat to see the tops of so many hats at once.

    Congratulations, HatQueen, on becoming a founding ambassador of the British Millinery Association, and I look forward to learning more about their activities from you and from their postings online!

  3. Love the oversize cliche by Wies Mahdi it..I find her work to be stunning! Congratulations to you, Hat Queen! How fantastic!

  4. Congratulations, HQ on being a founding Ambassador of the British Millinery Association! How wonderful to be able to contribute in this way to something you care about so much! I wish you and the Association much success!

  5. Congratulations Hat Queen! What an exciting initiative! I wish you great success in this new venture!

  6. Congrats from me, too, HQ! Does this mean travel to the UK, or will you mostly be contributing virtually?

    Wies, what a beautiful creation! Lovely shape, expertly trimmed, and such an optimistic color for the post- COVID (we hope!) era,

    Great photo from the Cambridge wedding. We don’t often get to see the top view of hats. The draping of Max’s shows especially well. The anniversary video and photos are a treat.

    • That sounds exciting! It’s great not only that your work is being recognised by you being a part of this, but also that you give so much back. Thank you once again for all you do creating this lovely corner of the internet.

  7. Congratulations, Hat Queen! Your blog is amazing and I know the British Millinery Association will do great work.

    • That is certainly our intent. An inside note to you all- you might recognize some of the other Ambassadors’ names. I was a little intimidated to meet them all but they are all absolutely lovely and learning to know them and work together has been wonderful. And don’t worry- we have public events (competitions and the like) planned that you will all be able to enjoy!

  8. Congratulations on the launch of the British Millinery Association! It is an exciting initiative and it is wonderful that you are part of it!
    I’m looping forward to a fruitful collaboration between international millinery organisations!

  9. Congratulations and best wishes on your new venture! I found you on Instagram, so you have one more follower now.

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