Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to a vibrant yellow hat worn thirty years ago today on a visit to the USA. The unusual upfolded brim design was by Marie O’Regan for Ian Thomas.

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7 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. A very cleverly constructed hat, but more interesting than flattering. Mind you, that coat in the comment above didn’t do much for HM either!

  2. I also remember this hat from that visit, and don’t like it any better now than I did then, though I do think HM looks good in yellow. Of the pair of racing photos from the same era shared by Jimbo, I do like the wide brimmed hat with that coat much better than today’s featured hat. (And just as an aside, I did enjoy being able to zoom in on a close-up of the beautiful clasp of her pearl necklace on that first photo.)

  3. Ah, the Hyacinth Era! Can’t you just see Hyacinth Bucket in this, climbing a stone wall, or hanging on for dear life in the back of a lorry? JamesB, I quite like this fun hat, with the winged brim. It must be the predecessor to a more typically brimmed hat that HM wore to replace today’s hat.

    June, 1991: Trooping the Color
    Embed from Getty Images

    June 3, 1992: Epsom Derby
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. I remember this hat from the time, and even then I thought it wasn’t good. This wasn’t her best era style wise, I know we criticise Angela Kelly’s designs, but her arrival really did bring in a new and more contemporary style for HM.

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