Dutch Monarchs Visit North-Limburg

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima paid a regional visit to North-Limburg today, the day full of engagements related to healthy food, sustainable farming, bio-circular economy, theatre and youth mental health along with a walk through Nationaal Park de Maasduinen.

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For this event, the Dutch queen debuted a new pilllbox hat in emerald braided straw.

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There’s much to love- colour, scale, texture, and beautiful styling with this green dress and patterned coat. Win win win!

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Designer: unknown. Dress and coat by Oscar de la Renta
Previously Worn: this hat is new

That’s now back-to-back green hats for Queen Máxima (a first, I think!) What do you think of her new pillbox today?

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14 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Visit North-Limburg

  1. I think I wrote here (if not, I thought it) that I prefer Maxima’s small hats when they are pillboxes, rather than turbans. This is a fine example of a lovely pillbox, and I’m on board with team love it!

  2. The shoes that she is wearing in the woodland scene are exactly like Queen Elizabeth’s every day shoes!

  3. Love the shape, color and texture of this new pillbox! My only quibble is that the braiding combined with the tapestry of the coat is a bit of a texture overload. Looks as though it was perfect with the slight shimmer of the dress. Hope we see this one again!

  4. What a fantastic hat! I do love the color and braiding on it. The style, of course, looks great on Queen Maxima. I do like it paired with the coat. I like the colors of the coat and think it’s fun for an outdoor event. She looks like a field of flowers, and that’s meant as a compliment. However, I do understand why people are deterred by the coat as it does look heavy. The colors and pattern on something lighter would be perfect.

  5. Looooooove this whole look! I guess I’m the outlier because I adore this coat and it will go with just about everything but I love it with the green dress and hat. I think the braided straw is cleverly used here in the pillbox shape. (I wish we had a back photo to see how the crown was constructed) Maybe the material is more suited to a late spring/summer outing where a coat is not needed, so I look forward to seeing it again!

  6. I agree with others. That hat is lovely and a gorgeous colour. But the coat is so bulky; I know Europe is chilly right now (please sun, show your face!) but this look is unseasonably wintry. If the coat was retailored and scarf jettisoned I think it might be alright. I like the concept but find the execution not her most flattering.

    • I’ll disagree with you here, JamesB, I love this ensemble — the coat looks fantastic, especially for the walk in the woods (a bouquet of flowers, as someone said), and I like it even better when the green scarf is on, which ties in even more to the hat. If it was chilly during this engagement, nothing wrong with wearing it — I think the fashion world is not as rigid as it used to be in terms of the exact date when seasonal clothing must go on or off. As to the hat, this style is one of my favorites in general, and both the shape and the color suit Máxima very well.

  7. Not a great fan of the hat but the coat simply drowns it. If it’s been as cold in the N’lands as it has here in the UK I can understand her wanting to wear something warm but not this coat. It looks so heavy, there’s so much bulk. The fabric itself looks beautiful but I don’t think it’s ideal as clothing. I think as a cushion or covering for a chair seat or footstool it would look stunning.

  8. Coat is too bulky, esp this time of year. Hat is lovely, but does not balance well with the coat. The hat is too streamline and small for this bulky coat.

  9. Two green hats two days in a row on one of my favorite royals? Should I play the lottery? Haha, jokes aside, I surprise myself at how much I like this hat since I usually prefer Máxima in something brimmed. The coat helps break up all the emerald (hat, dress, shoes), but I do not find its shape flattering at all! (at least when buttoned up) Also, the shade of her scarf and clutch make me wish for the return of this hat (https://royalhats.net/2018/10/05/queen-maxima-celebrates-utrecht-neighbourhood/). I definitely want to see this again, just with a little cleaner styling.

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