Dutch Queen Celebrates Leather Company

Queen Máxima was in Weesp yesterday, visiting Dutch leather company Smit & Zoon on the occasion of its 200th anniversary. For this occasion, she repeated her avocado felt hat with flat crown and wide, cartwheel brim trimmed with Petersham ribbon brim binding, hatband, and back bow.

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It’s a hat familiar to many of us and it’s lovely… except for the visible dent on the left side of the crown!

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Dec 14, 2018; Nov 22, 2018May 23, 2018

We don’t often see such glaring issues on a royal hat and while I’m a little surprised this one wasn’t fixed before this outing, my guess is that we’ll see it good-as-new on its next appearance. It’s an amusing mishap, one that reminds me even a queen is susceptible to a squashed hat!

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9 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Celebrates Leather Company

  1. Love Máxima in a cartwheel and this one is fab. I agree, I reckon she’s had to grab the hat to stop it blowing away, hence the pinch. I really like the pairing with the coat, it’s a lovely, polished look.

  2. The dent is unfortunate, but I think it must’ve happened during this outing. I see maybe a small dent in the first few photos of the first slideshow, but then the bigger one shows up in the rest, which makes me think maybe there was a gust of wind and Máxima went to hold onto her hat and made this indent (and therefore it’s easily punched back out). At any rate, I still really like this hat, but would like to see a new outfit with it for something different because the brown houndstooth is feeling a bit drab for me now; not certain what color(s) would work best, but I will continue to ponder it haha.

    • Jake, I really like this hat also, but I imagine the avocado shade would be tricky to match with something different. What about the flashy dress she wore two weeks ago, assuming the color is accurate? Not as fashion-knowledgeable as all you for sure. I just thought I’d throw this out as an option.

      May 11, 2021
      Embed from Getty Images

      • Jimbo, I agree with you that today’s hat would look great with the gold-sleeved dress from two weeks ago. I love the overall shape and brim of this hat, and think it looks great on her.

        Regarding the coat and dress not seeming to be the same shade, I wonder if that isn’t the actual design rather than a matter of lighting or color dye not taking. I’ve seen a number of outfits over the years (on regular people, not necessarily royals) where similar but different colored prints were put together, and I rather like that look. I think I like this coat and dress combo more thinking the color difference is deliberate than if they had been meant to be the same.

    • I agree with you Jake. Is it me or the light in the photos, but the dress and coat look like different shades. I trust that can’t be true.

      I wonder if an orange colored outfit would work better with the hat? Looking at the photos of her in the final slide, it seems that the orange leather she’s admiring on the table would look nice with the hat color. Or a solid yellow? Something with a punch of color. I can’t wait to read what you come up with!

      On a side note, I love the style of the hat and the hat band is lovely. A really great shape, albeit with the unfortunate dent.

      • I agree with you the dress looks a paler material to the coat, it is possible that if it is made of a different fabric the colour has “taken” differently. I reckon too that the Queen either grabbed her hat in a gust of wind or bumped her head getting out of her car thus denting the hat..

    • Good point- it does look like the dent happened on this outing. This shade of avocado is a drab one on its own and I also would love to see it paired with something more vibrant.

    • Ok, I’m thinking navy blue would be a great contrast for this hat, clutch, and shoes (not this exact dress, but this shade: https://royalhats.net/2013/11/08/belgian-royal-visit-the-hague/), or a darker ocean blue/teal or this cerulean-aqua (https://royalhats.net/2016/10/28/dutch-monarchs-visit-almelo-and-northeast-twente/) since the brain hat is a similar shade to this avocado (although apparently I wasn’t a fan of this color combo at the time haha). I also thought a forest green with a brown undertone could maybe work, but ultimately I need to see all of these in person to get a true sense haha. Shanon’s suggestion of the tangerine orange is possible, but again I’m hesitant since I can’t put it all together in person. Ultimately I think contrast would be better than matching since you could do chartreuse (like its premiere), gold, etc.

  3. I love this hat and I love seeing some of our wonderful hat wearing folks doing “regular” outings again!

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