Queen Hosts Bidens For Tea

Queen Elizabeth welcomed President and Dr. Biden to tea at Windsor Castle today following the G7 Summit in Cornwall.

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For the occasion, the Queen debuted a new hat. In medium pink parasisal straw, the design features a sloped crown and upturned kettle brim, slightly raised on one side. The hat is trimmed with slim straw and felt overlapping hatbands tied in multiple side bows and a single, curving quill.

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The top of the crown is blocked in a pair of indented crescent swirls around one side that gives beautiful movement to the piece.

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The colour is lovely on Her Majesty, as is the gentle slope of the crown and brim. I think I’d prefer some more contrasting trim however- I’m a bit worried that when this dress’ matching coat is added (because there’s always a coat!), it’s going to be an overly monochrome look. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Dress by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn: this hat is new

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I was hoping we’d see a new hat on the Queen this weekend and she did not disappoint. What do you think of this new pink design?

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10 thoughts on “Queen Hosts Bidens For Tea

  1. It is lovely to see a new hat. I like the colour, and the swirls on the crown are lovely. I wonder, as others have suggested, if the trim might be modified slightly to highlight or tie in with a later coat or jacket.

    The first picture I saw surprised me, as it was the interior shot in the Castle and the Queen was wearing the hat. Why in her own house, I pondered, but it later made sense when I read about the welcoming ceremony.

  2. I agree that a hat worn with a patterned dress minus coat is less usual, but as Lesleyc19 pointed out, it was a treat to get such a full view of the beautiful dress fabric before it is hidden away under a coat — we so often can only guess what the dress fabric looks like. I like this new hat quite a bit despite it being monochromatic — I think we would not have wanted too much additional color in the embellishment on top of such a busy dress print, and second (third?) Jake and Mr. Fitzroy that Dr. Biden should have also worn a hat.

  3. MrFitzroy had a bit of a meltdown moment upon awakening Sunday and taking a quick peek at the phone screen to see early photos of the event. In the first postage stamp sized image, through sleepy eyes, it looked like HM had re-worn the same print dress from Friday, but plonked a hat on top…..it was almost too much to bear. So glad to view the larger images on the computer and be set to rights!

    It is a lovely, albeit simple, hat, and it makes one wonder if perhaps if the hat trim was simplified/kept monotone because it would be worn without a coat on first outing, and the dress pattern is so busy. Perhaps we will see a preemptive remodel of the hat with trim added/changed before the full ensemble with coat is worn. Though JamesB may well be right that there is a short jacket which will complete the outfit.

    As Jake said, it would have been good to see First Lady Biden wear a hat for the meeting. That would have been a nice gesture, regardless of whether it was ‘required’.

  4. The deep pink is alive and fresh. Nice to see she did not wear a coat. The hat is not fussy but still the same overused shape. Like to see wider brim With an overlapped structure on the crown giving it height. Less decoration on the hat is sometimes more. This pink outfit is a happy and appropriate change.

  5. Not the usual shade of pink we’re used to seeing on HM, but it’s definitely a good choice, and the monochrome hat sets off the patterned dress nicely. But as noted, it’s surprising there isn’t more contrast/colors in the hats trim, and the trim itself is fairly minimal compared to most of HM’s hats. Overall it’s not the most exciting hat ever, but still great to see another new one debuted.

    While not surprised considering this was a more informal visit, I was still disappointed to see Jill Biden sans hat for this meeting.

  6. This hat’s nice enough, but there’s not really anything to get terribly excited about. I also wonder if there’ll be a shirt jacket with the dress, as otherwise it risks being a whole lot of bubblegum pink.
    Lovely to see her doing her thing.

  7. I’m guessing the rather unusual combination of hat with a dress was because there was a short outdoor ceremony (on a warm day) before the party continued indoors. So pleased to see a new hat after the disappointment of the Trooping ceremony! And such a pretty hat, too. I was enjoying the monochrome trim against the floral dress. Maybe the coat has a loop fastening that will allow more of the dress to show through – or perhaps it is a shorter jacket? We will look out for it…

  8. She looks splendid. I like the trim – it was very warm in the UK yesterday so not surprised we didn’t see a coat. Wonder when we’ll see the entire outfit?

    The dress fabric is a beautiful print as was the dress worn at the Eden Project the day before to meet the members of the G7.

  9. Very nice to see The Queen in a new hat. I like the color and shape, and am a bit surprised to see the dress without a coat. It’s a lovely dress, but we’re used to only getting a peek of it under her coat. She looks very happy to be doing events again.

  10. I love the indented crescent swirls on this hat. Other than that it is rather unremarkable, especially for a Rachel Trevor Morgan hat. Maybe the matching coat will explain why it is so plain. I was so happy to see the queen in a new hat and in my favorite color and it is such a treat to see the beautiful floral pattern on her dress that I hardly noticed the lack of colorful trim.

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