Centenary of Southern Jutland’s Reunification

One of the many royal events postponed during the height of the pandemic was the June 13, 2020 100th anniversary of Denmark’s reunification with Southern Jutland following the German defeat in the First World War. This celebration took place a year later than scheduled, yesterday, with Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian attending a ceremony at the old border to Germany, at Frederikshoej, south of Kolding.

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Queen Margrethe marked the occasion with a new wide brimmed picture hat in white parasisal straw, simply trimmed with a silk hatband.

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It has been a long while since we saw the Danish queen in a hat with brim as large as this and it’s a nice change to see, even though I’m not excited by the all white ensemble.

What do you think of Queen Margrethe’s new white hat yesterday?

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9 thoughts on “Centenary of Southern Jutland’s Reunification

  1. How fantastic Queen Margrethe looks in this all-white ensemble, and I love her in the large brimmed hat — I hope she wears more of them in this style, though I kept feeling (especially as I watched the video) that she might have wished for a chin strap to hold it on! It was also wonderful to see both heirs accompanying her on such an important occasion.

  2. WOW! Queen Margrethe looks incredibly chic! I love this hat and the all white ensemble. The flowers she is holding look fabulous against her dress. What a tremendous look!

    I also want to point out the significance of the outing with both direct heirs. Is this Prince Christian’s first engagement (certainly with his grandmother)? He showed impressive confidence in this outing. Bravo!

  3. So wonderful to see Margrethe in such a large hat; it’s fabulous on her! I wasn’t certain about the all-white ensemble at first, but it’s grown on me and doesn’t wash her out as I thought it would (and it’s not beige haha). It’s unfortunate it was so windy, which played havoc with the brim, especially the part that’s designed to be upturned and then was flipped down by the wind, but that ultimately couldn’t be helped. Overall a successful new look for Margrethe and I have a feeling we’ll see it again this summer.

    Also, I have not been able to find any photos in my brief searching, but in the video of the carriage arrival, you can just see Countess Sussie of Rosenborg wearing a white ensemble featuring a cocktail hat with some loops as trim; she’s standing with Count Ingolf at the front corner of the stands next to the tent (starting at 0:35 in the video).

  4. Wonderful. Perfect. Fantastic wardrobe change. Note her broach.
    Hope this lovely lady continues to up her wardrobe.

  5. I adore this hat and the whole look. It’s dramatic and chic and I think it’s one of her best looks in ages. The hat is so wide but she has the joie de vivre (not to mention height!) to carry it off. Fabulous.

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