Ascot Day 1 Round Up

Several additional hats caught my eye today at Royal Ascot:

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images
Countess of Derby Caroline Stanley’s rose and crin headpiece; British milliner Yuan Li’s blue shell hat with pearls

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images
Susan Bender in a Victoria Grant beret with soaring pleated fan;
Fashion designer Zeynep Kartal in a William Chambers wide brimmed hat covered with silk irises

Embed from Getty Images
Girlband The Tootsie Rollers in straw feather trimmed bandeaux headpieces by Bee Smith

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images
Eunice Olumide in a delicate Edwina Ibbotson headpiece; Ilda Di Vico in a self made green saucer with feathers

British milliner Beverley Edmondson in the most charming brimmed navy straw braid hat with crisp white stripe:

Nazer Bullen in a Victoria Grant straw beret with large rose and Zeynep Kartal lace dress

Irish milliner Edel Black’s client in a lovely blue hat with swirled bumper brim trimmed with pearls

And British milliner Lisa Tan in a rainbow bandeau headpiece and Lauren Green London dress

What hats stood out to you at Royal Ascot today?
Images from Getty and social media as indicated  

10 thoughts on “Ascot Day 1 Round Up

  1. These are great choices! I love to see what everyone else is wearing.
    – I really like Victoria Grant’s beret with soaring pleated fan on Susan Bender. She looks sensational and the “fan” is a fun, quirky design.
    – The irises are stunning on William Chambers’ wide brimmed hat. It goes so nicely with Zeynep Kartal’s dress.
    – I love the front and back of Beverley Edmondson’s brimmed navy straw braid hat with crisp white stripe. It’s such a perfect Ascot hat.

  2. Splendid non-Royal choices, HQ! The Victoria Grant beret with the tall fan is spectacular. Beverley Edmondson’s navy and white has such a wonderful shape and pairs beautifully with her vintage dress. Those graduated pearls are the perfect finish to the blue swirled bumper, and Lisa Tan’s bandeau is so elegant with that lovely dress!

  3. What a huge treat to look at some lovely royal and non royal hats in action again. Thanks so much for these posts – you will be exhausted by the weekend! Such fun!

  4. The bottom of the base is a bit wonky unfortunately, but otherwise I love this lemon yellow cocktail hat on Charlotte Hawkins:
    Embed from Getty Images

    And while a bit unseasonable for a warm day in June (except for the airflow a kilt allows haha), I have to shout out this great Scottish look (and rainbow mask for Pride month):
    Embed from Getty Images

  5. I forgot this gorgeous purple crin-wrapped percher with roses by British milliner Edwina Ibbotson
    Embed from Getty Images

    • And this lovely blush straw vertical saucer with silk orchids by Jane Taylor.
      Embed from Getty Images

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