Ascot 2021 Day 2: Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

And we’re off to the races for the second day of Royal Ascot, today’s royal contingent led again by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

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Camilla repeated her white straw hat with asymmetrically peaked crown and a wide, sideswept brim trimmed in multiple layers of sand coloured jinsin ribbon wrapped around the base of the crown and looped into an open knot at the side.

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As far as neutral hats go, it’s a good one thanks to the quirky crown shape and layered jinsin trim, which gives much needed movement to the piece.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Dress by Fiona Clare Couture.
Previously Worn: July 10, 2018;  June 17, 2017; June 15, 2016June 17, 2015June 6, 2014

Prince Charles repeated his antique black silk top hat. I adore how he matched his lilac tie and pocket square with a purple cornflower in his buttonhole!

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Thoughts about this pair of hats today at Royal Ascot?

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6 thoughts on “Ascot 2021 Day 2: Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

  1. These pimples are actually centres to flowers subtely woven into the fabric. Unfortunately photographs don’t do it justice. Although the hat has had many outings, I’m happy to see it again. I like the soft colour difference of the jinsin, the pleating and knot nodding to the dress fabric and tucked sleeves. The two colours also repeated the shoe choice.

  2. Ascot is perhaps the one occasion in the year when Camilla’s larger hats, which are usually bold statements in other contexts, do not particularly stand out! This is a good example of her familiar style, and she wears it well, but it would be good to revisit some other hats.

  3. I like Camilla’s hat enough but we’ve seen it so many times, I’d love to see another one dug out. I like the frock actually, it’s so hot here today, she looks lovely and cool in it.

  4. Did not care Cam’s dress which I remember from the past. It suffers from poor under garment structure. Never a flattering look when it be falls her. Like the colors of this hat.

  5. Definitely one of Camilla’s best white/cream/ivory/ecru hats, but we’ve seen it so often at Ascot, it’s a bit disappointing she chose to repeat it again after a general absence of hats in the past year and a half. The outfit is also not the best one we’ve seen with this hat unfortunately. I would’ve preferred to see this hat ( or this one (, assuming we have to choose a cream option haha.

    Royal purples for Charles; great color coordination without matching!

  6. The swirls and movement in the hat trim look well with the beautiful swirl of Camilla’s dress, which looks great from a distance. After yesterday’s fabulous fabric, I’m not so keen on the close up of this pimply fabric.
    Charles as good as ever.

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