Ascot 2021 Day 3: The Princess Royal & Vice Admiral Laurence

Princess Anne attended the third day of Royal Ascot today in another new hat!

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In cream straw, this classic pillbox design is wrapped in cream trimmed feathers and finished with a looping cream straw bow and yellow feathers on the side.

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It’s a great scale on Princess Anne and the shape pairs so well with her silk collared coat, another new addition to her wardrobe. The balance of trimming is also good, the cream feathers giving such subtle texture as they wrap around the pillbox.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Amy Morris-Adams. Coat by Shibumi
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence accompanied his wife to the races today in a handsome black silk top hat.

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It has been such a great week of fashion for the Princess Royal this week. What do you think of this new hat for her?

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9 thoughts on “Ascot 2021 Day 3: The Princess Royal & Vice Admiral Laurence

  1. I agree with comments that this is a very 60s/70s look on Anne, it looks very dated to me, a different hat could have brought the coat into the 21st century IMHO. I almost thought she was wearing one of her mother’s old coats. It’s a no from me.

  2. As JamesB noted, this look does channel HM 60’s wardrobe….Just a little family resemblance! Though this photo is actually from 1983.

    Embed from Getty Images

  3. With HM perhaps not appearing till the end of the week, Beatrice and Eugenie absent so far, no more Autumn, and Camilla being Camilla….
    It feels a bit like the Princess Royal surmised that she would end up more of a focus of the Ascot press coverage than in years past….and she has really stepped up her fashion game in a marvelous way.
    Today being perhaps the best of the week so far! What a delight to see the photos and think:”OH! Princess Anne!” rather than years past which often tended to be more “oh, Princess Anne….”
    Curious to see what’s in store for the balance of the week!

  4. I love the ’60s retro glam inspiration here! It’s such a fantastic look for Anne all around. She can also pull off yellow like HM, which isn’t always easy. Another brava!

  5. Princess Anne looks very well turned out today. While I’m not a pillbox fan, this one is quite nice. It doesn’t look like it’s about to tumble down behind her. Yesterday’s hat was perfect with her green dress (was the dress new? I couldn’t find any other outings of it, but it looked older to me.) And I loved Tuesday’s deep rich navy color. While the comments on that new hat were across the board, I’ll say it looked great with her suit, and would even look better if the hatband was altered.

  6. This is so chic! The coat could be from her Mother’s 60’s wardrobe (or indeed her own…!) and the hat fits that Jackie O vibe. Never thought I’d make that comparison. Colour, shape, styling (did you see her shoes?!) I love this look – she looks fab.

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