Queen Concludes Holyrood Week

Queen Elizabeth wrapped up her annual week in Scotland yesterday with a visit to the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

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For this event, she wore her third new hat of the week. Another one of Angela Kelly’s teardrop shaped crown designs, this piece in deep teal has a downturned brim bound with wide binding. The hat is finished with a trio of rolled teal straw lilies studded with black and white cut feathers.

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I’m not as keen on this hat as the other new ones we’ve seen this week. The colour is lovely and the black and white feathers provide wonderful contrast (my guess is they link with this ensemble’s dress, which we didn’t get a peek of today). It’s the teardrop crown that doesn’t work for me-  while I appreciate the creativity of the shape, its lines make this one appear awkwardly wobbly.

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: this hat is new

This concluded the Queen’s week in Scotland- she jetted home in time to make an appearance yesterday afternoon at the Royal Windsor Horse Show!

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10 thoughts on “Queen Concludes Holyrood Week

  1. It’s a fabulous colour. That hats fine, but I agree the shape needs retiring now, we’ve seen a lot of them over the years – I don’t mind the shape, but I think enough… I love the contrasting feathers though.
    What isn’t so good is the coat – the tailoring’s just not as sharp as the others she’s worn this week.

  2. Really liked the RTM hats this week. Do not like this tired old teardrop hat, which as some commenters have said, really should be retired. I guess I am weary of the shape of the crown, which has never been flattering.
    And the trim, once again, is an add-on, and, not and integral part of the hat.

  3. Agreed that the teardrop shape on the hat is somewhat awkward, but I love the exuberance of these flowers — the feathers are just bursting out of the teal rolls! I was surprised to notice in a couple of the photos in the first gallery that HM had gone out with one of her coat buttons unbuttoned — you would think that someone would have had a private word, especially since Anne was with her.

    Like others, I got a kick out of the 95-year-old queen behind the wheel of a car (I can’t remember the last time I saw that), as well as removing the hat and brooch for her at-home horse show — it was rather like us regular people taking off our shoes when we get home.

  4. Agree I am ready for this shape to exit the scene.
    HM always has a polished and warm demeanor in her public appearances, and I do think her smile is genuine. Yet it’s an outward-facing version; at the races we get to see the “down home” version of her smile.

  5. I agree with Jimbo that this teardrop shape should be retired. I wish that hat block would magically break! But, I do love the color and the trim was very creative and well executed IMHO. I also thought the brooch imitated the trim very well! It is so good to see HM back to her regular schedule. I will look forward to her transfer to Balmoral and seeing her weekly church hats in August and September.

  6. I thought this was another great addition to her collection! Another gorgeous color and I thought the trim was done very well and actually helped hide the awkwardness of the crown shape. I’ve find many of the Kelly/McClaren executions clunky, but I call this one a winner!

    Also, we get a small peak of the dress in this photo and I like what I see:
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    And it was great to see the Countess Mountbatten of Burma and Lord & Lady de Mauley (who we’ve both admired on here in Dillon Warwick hats at Ascot in the past) accompanying HM at the horse show (slightly jarring to see them all hatless and more casual haha, but all seem to be very much enjoying everything):
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    P.S. like Jimbo said, a fun treat to see HM driving herself to the horse show at 95.

    P.S.S. sad we didn’t get a hat on Anne at either of her outings with HM this week.

  7. I like the deep teal shade, but I also wish the teardrop design was retired.
    In the last slideshow, 1st photo, HM appears SO happy and relaxed, and (literally) at home. In the 4th photo, I was surprised (and pleased) seeing her behind the wheel of the car.

  8. it seems like the new hats have more whimsical and larger embellishments in front, it slightly distracts.
    I agree it looks wobbly

    • I noticed the embellishments seem to be more to the front than on previous hats. I also liked that she signaled she is at home at Windsor by taking off her hat and brooch!

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