Dutch Monarchs Kick Off German State Visit

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima arrived in Berlin this morning, beginning a three day state visit to Germany.

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Queen Máxima wore a sleeveless dress with fabric hand painted by Argentinian artist Pablo Piatti (read this Mode Koninging Maxima post for an excellent explanation from blogger Josine Droogendijk) and a matching headpiece.

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From the front, the headpiece looks like a bandeau or calot, however, it is an open circle, tapered around the back to fit the contours of Máxima’s head. Unlike the dress, which was painted after construction to continue the pattern perfectly across seams, the headpiece is made with a base of white silk and appliqued with hand cut sections of the the painted fabric.

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It’s a great summer ensemble for the Dutch queen, the hand painted pattern giving interest and movement to the overall look. The scale of the headpiece works well with the dress, its classic lines giving a retro elegance to the ensemble even though it is a thoroughly modern shape! Would a solid colour hat have worked well? Of course, but I do admire that the unique and beautiful hand painted pattern, something we seldom see on a royal ensemble, was utilized and shown off to maximum effect.

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Designer: unknown. Dress by Natan, in collaboration with Argentinian artist Pablo Piatti 
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

What do you think of Queen Máxima’s new headpiece in Berlin today?

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18 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Kick Off German State Visit

  1. why has the hat crazes ? i hope i use the wright spelling!?
    I would never ever make a hat with crazes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the maker off the has lo millinery skills
    it must be Devigne !

  2. I have a question for Dutch readers (or anyone who might know the answer): Does Queen Maxima travel with a lady in waiting? She often carries a shawl over her arm, and in these photos she’s got a mask on her wrist. Normally, I’d think a lady in waiting would be toting these items around for her.

    I do think she looks lovely here, except for the (uncoordinated) accessories.

  3. I actually like this new ensemble – very summery and light.. Accessories were spot on. The only thing I found jarring was the photo of the queen standing next to the German President’s wife (1st Lady?) who was wearing a long sleeved coat.
    HQ, are you into “mom jokes?” I chuckled at your last line: ” . . . shown off to MAXIMUM effect.” Very good. Finally, the Royals are keeping you busy and off the streets, and behind your computer screen these last couple weeks! Isn’t it great getting back to “normal?”

    • Yesterday it was quite chilly in Berlin and it was raining, so the long sleeves of the German First Lady did make sense. And then she has to use crutches and I know from experience that the plastic arm cuffs feel awful on bare skin.
      I love Maxima’s outfit – just hope she didn’t catch cold!

  4. Overall this is a excellent look and I’m glad Máxima was able to wear something in collaboration with an Argentine artist to represent her heritage. I will say though on close inspection the hat’s construction could be a lot better, as there is rippling/puckering on the right side that is very obvious in many photos.

    I also like that there is the possibility to pair this dress with other hats (even though it probably won’t happen haha); there are at least two wider brimmed hats that would work (the avocado one we saw recently, and the wine-colored slice hat that was voted reader favorite in 2014), although I do realize both of those are felt and may look a bit odd with a sleeveless dress, but adding the right jacket/blazer/cardigan/etc. I think could make it all work.

    • Oops, forgot to say I think this circlet hat (and hairstyle) would be a great choice to wear during a future Caribbean visit to Curaçao, etc.

    • Jake, I noticed the puckering as well as loose threads, too. I also think the hat could have been painted rather than appliquéd for a sharper look. But I agree that the overall look is excellent. And about your idea to pair this dress with other hats, what about pairing this hat with other dresses? It would pair well with a green sheath.

  5. I love this entire look. It’s very cheery and bright. If memory serves, didn’t Queen Maxima wear a painted evening gown years ago? I love that she embraces new designs and artist looks. The hat itself is lovely. I did think it was a bandeau, but the open circle is a lovely design surprise and adds to the freshness of the look. The shoes and handbag are a perfect complementary color.

  6. Lovely hat and a lovely dress but a Queen arriving for a state visit with a wooly cardigan wrapped around her shoulders isn’t my idea of being well-prepared for everything that the weather can throw at you. How hard is to be prepared – the flight is only 1 1/4 hours from A’dam.

  7. I think this is a lovely, simple, yet elegant hat. It’s a style that many women would look attractive wearing. It compliments her dress. The appliqué design is beautiful.

  8. How exciting to get one of Máx’s new state visit looks again – she always goes all out on these occasions. This one is actually quite simple, but really lovely. I love the overall impression and the hand painting is a lovely idea, with the matching hat complementing yet avoiding looking too match somehow. I think she looks fab!

    • I’ve just realised – this is another addition to the very niche ‘painted hat’ category we struggled with recently!

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