Day 2 of Dutch State Visit to Germany

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima had another full day of engagements today, visiting the Reichstag, the Bundeskanzleramt and the Gropius Bau museum.

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For these events, the Dutch queen repeated her 2019 Ascot hat!

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The dusky pink straw sidesweeping saucer hat is covered in by flowers made of trimmed coque feathers in paler shades of beigey-blush pink, with pearl bead centers. The hat is completed with straw bands circling around it, under the feather flowers (perhaps a structural element?).

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It’s such a statement hat, I was a little surprised to see it in Germany today.  I shouldn’t have been, as Máxima often brings out her big gun looks for state visits. And this is spectacular! I adore how the different dyed shades of the feathers pair so well with the dress, the colours complimenting while not being one note. Yes, the design obscures her face from certain angles but it’s such a stunning design, this almost doesn’t matter.

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Designer: Berry Rutjes Jr. Dress by Natan
Previously Worn: June 18, 2019

What do you think about this hat on its second outing today in Germany?

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16 thoughts on “Day 2 of Dutch State Visit to Germany

  1. I’m not going to complain about anything. We have a royal visit to discuss and I’m thrilled. That said, I love this hat. If it were mine would I modify it slightly? Yes. But it certainly looks great on her and I wouldn’t change a thing because it suits her personality perfectly

  2. It is a fun hat with fantastic feather work. Admittedly, seen from the right side it looks like a flock of little birds but that fits Queen Máxima’s vibrant personality so very well.
    The problem at Ascot was that this hat was sitting between Queen Máxima and Queen Elizabeth, making eye contact between the two ladies very difficult. Queen Elizabeth always sits on the right side of the carriage, something I’m sure the milliner (Berry Rutjes) would have taken into account had she been informed of it.

  3. The hat is fabulous but too much for this occasion I think. The contrast with Mrs Merkel could not be gr

  4. Is it just me? I don’t love this hat. I think it’s bold and makes quite a statement, but it has too many issues for me. From the side it looks like her head has been turned into a mound of feathers; the colour blends into her hair; and it can look quite untidy from most angles, especially when it’s in photos that aren’t close up. Admittedly when you get a good angle it’s fab, but I just… want to give it a trim! And the head to toe beige is a bit of overkill, and I don’t mind a monochrome look.

    • JamesB, thank you. I thought I was going to have to be the odd one out, seemingly being the only here who does not like this hat. I like it marginally better today than at Ascot — the hair up is a little improvement — but on the whole, it’s just too too much.

      I do want to add though, just for amusement, did anyone look closely at the following photo, which is also included in one of the galleries in this post:
      Embed from Getty Images

      When I saw it, I imagined the floral arrangement to be another hat waiting to be tried on, and also, the gloves resting on top of Máxima’s purse — doesn’t it look like someone is reaching up from under the table to grab it?

      • That pic is brilliant. Máx would so wear those flowers as a hat, and the gloves look like Thing from the Addams Family!

        This is a good pic of it actually – her hair looks fantastic here, and really complements the hat. Just… there are so many that aren’t so good!

      • May I join you two? I don’t love this hat either, although I appreciate the cut feathers. Great photo, Matthew!

  5. Dare I say this hat and outfit look better than they did at Ascot? Yes, yes I will. I think the angle of the hat is a little shallower and that makes all the difference it not covering her face awkwardly (yes, it’s still covered at certain angles, but it appears more natural IMO). I’m also not one to say a down hairstyle doesn’t work with hats, but I think this time an updo was the better choice since everything is so monochromatic. I’ll admit I was ultimately surprised to see this one return for this particular occasion, but it’s certainly a welcome surprise and delight during these times. Brava!

  6. I love this hat and I’m excited to see it again. I agree that I wouldn’t have thought of this for a state visit but it’s such a great look that Maxima pulls off and it works.

  7. I loved this hat when Maxima appeared in it at Ascot, and am thrilled to see it again! The dress is from the same occasion, but the look is even better, because of today’s hairdo – a fairly casual low knot, but much better than the loose locks from Ascot. She can wear this hat as often as she likes for me.

    • I agree how much hairstyle can change the overal look, it can lift a hat (if that’s possible but you know what I mean)

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