Queen Pops In For Polo and Carriage Driving

Queen Elizabeth was all smiles yesterday at the Guards Polo Club at Smith’s Lawn to attend the Royal Windsor Cup polo match and a carriage driving display by the British Driving Society.

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For these events, she repeated her lime straw hat with tall crown and short, sideswept brim. The hat is trimmed with a lime crepe silk hatband in the same fabric as her coat and a handmade straw flower.

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Despite its small sale, this hat’s unique crown and brim shapes, vibrant colour and oversize flower trim make a statement. The streamlined coat works so well to balance the hat and the delicate floral print on the dress sweetens ensemble’s overall impact (it’s a lot of lime!).  The overall look is a lighthearted one that the queen wears well.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 14, 2018; June 20, 2017June 6, 2014

What do you think of this lime hat on its fourth outing yesterday?

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11 thoughts on “Queen Pops In For Polo and Carriage Driving

  1. I agree with Carol in that the Queen has either lost a bit of weight or is just shrinking in stature due to the natural aging process. There are several photos that show the top of her coat with a lot of room showing, however, it seems like a favorite hat and coat combo. The vibrant color is a standout but I would like to see some summertime yellows like Jimbo.

  2. Interesting comments today, some in agreement and some opposing views. Personally, I love the brim shape. The 1st picture in the 2nd slide show says it all: balanced, yet not symmetrical. Like others, I am so pleased to see HM out and about, smiles and all. As for the lime color, she really stands out in a crowd, and that’s exactly what is expected and so endearing about her. Queen Elizabeth is clearly the most visible Royal in the entire world, still going strong at 95! Lately, we’ve seen lots of blue, pink, and now green. How’s about some cheery summertime yellow next time!

  3. The imbalance of the downturned brim vs. the upturned part still bothers me, but not as much this time just because I’m glad to see a great color out that finally feels like summer after many recent appearances have felt off to me seasonally (although I realize that’s my [geographical] bias, especially under the heat and humidity I deal with this time of year haha). Other than the brim, I love everything about this and am glad to see it make a comeback in addition to just more appearances from HM.

  4. Although I have to say that this is one of my LEAST favorite colors in the whole world, the entire ensemble is well put-together and it’s a pleasure to see HM looking so happy and genuinely enjoying herself. I have come to really like that brim shape — the upturned side is like a smile — and as I commented in one of the previous posts about this hat, the straw flower is a great embellishment, not trying to fake us out that it’s a real flower as some do, but just standing on its own as a decoration.

    • Agree with what you said about the color, Matthew, and I like your observation about the smile. Good point about the flower not trying to be an actual flower, too. I’ve always had a soft spot for its Little Shop of Horrors vibe, as a commenter on an earlier post called it.

  5. Absolutely lovely. The hat is well balanced and does not overwhelm Her Majesty’s face. The coat is elegant simplicity. Interesting that this outfit was first worn over 7 years ago. It must be a favorite of HM.

  6. It’s lovely to see photos of the Queen looking so happy, I guess this type of engagement must be among her favourites.

    I really love this hat and its outfit, it just seems to have an appealing edge of exuberance. It is a lot of lime, as you say, HatQueen, but I think as a Queenly outfit that says yes, I’m the Queen to people at a distance, that’s okay. I think the hat is so successful because it looks rather simple, and yet it has real interest in the shape and the brim, and the flower provides the perfect amount of contrast. I also like the fact that the flower is clearly not meant to be realistic (as in, intended to trick the eye), so it’s almost like a design element rather than a naturalistic trim, and those can be really successful in creating a coherent design. (I’m personally not fond of flower trims that seem intended to make it look as though they are real flowers and don’t succeed in convincing.)

  7. Her Majesty looks wonderful! I love the jaunty upturn of the hat’s brim. and the trim is just right. The coat is nicely fitted around the collar, (although I think the Queen is shrinking inside her clothes) I may become a fan of lime green, but no one cn wear it like she does.

  8. I like the outfit. Good colour. The coat is nicely done with the button placement.
    The hat is not overdone. The Queen looks happy.

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