This Week’s Extras

On Thursday, Queen Máxima opened the world’s first 3D printed bridge in Amsterdam. She repeated a natural straw hat by Fabienne Delvigne with sharply raised slice brim.
Queen Margrethe in an artfully wrapped headscarves Friday in Fuglafjørður and yesterday in Vestmanna, both in the Faroe Islands
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Numerous stunning hats in this year’s Melbourne International Millinery Competition
Veiled scarlet percher lavishly trimmed with silk roses by Irish milliner Carol Kennelly
Luminous gold straw hat with angular crown and black net trim by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Deep red dyed sinamay rolled lily headpiece with feathers by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Uniquely shaped natural straw hat with darling blush flowers around the crown by British milliner Ruth Ravenscroft
Australian milliner Melanie Athineros proves grey is far from boring with this dimensional, textured feather headpiece.

Wonderfully sleek red straw wide brimmed fedora with butterfly trim by British milliner Louise Pocock
Super cool and unique layered puffy silhouette on felt hats from Danish brand Andersen & Berner
The most classic braided straw summer hat in “vintage pink” by French brand Rose Cherie Paris
The loveliest denim blue straw beret with fun bow by Australian milliner Lauren J. Ritchie
Such lovely lace applique on this coral bandeau headpiece by Irish milliner Kate Betts
Fantastic texture on this trilby and pattern on this Garbo hat by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Adore the volume, shape and dramatic drape of this scarlet silk turban by Nigerian brand Hatabelles


Lovely portraits of King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and their daughters taken this week at their annual summer photocall at Huis Ten Bosch Palace
Embed from Getty Images

If you’ve not seen this documentary on the Duchess of Kent, it’s worth a watch (there are some great hats!)

Images from social media and Getty images as indicated 

11 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Wies, did you get to see your stunning headpiece on its owner? Not that you could share an image with us, of course, but it must be very satisfying to see a hat worn.

    How wonderful to see the My Fair Lady hats up close and to study the details. They go by so quickly in the film.

    Have we seen Margrethe in headscarves? I wonder whether it was too windy for a hat one those days.

    The bridge is not only technically amazing, but well-designed. I think Max was a little upstaged!

    • I haven’t seen pictures yet of the lady in the headpiece; she promised to send some after her Italian holiday. (I hope the local hairdresser managed to attach it properly; I gave careful instructions!)

      That 3D printed bridge is stunning, isn’t it? I think it is beautiful. Some people complain that it doesn’t fit in with the surroundings, but it will only be there for two years, during which period the original bridge will be repaired.

  2. I didn’t know that Paulette made the My Fair Lady hats! Thanks Weis for that bit of info. The documentary on the Duchess of Kent is brilliant and I recommend it to everyone. There is a pause between segments so be patient when you watch it, it will continue on. While the hats are fabulous, as are the clothes and jewels, the subject matter is outstanding and gives a glimpse into the royal family that is wonderful. Love the vintage pink summer braided hat by Rose Cherie Paris, it’s my favorite from this week I think although I do love Weis’ red headpiece, so well made with extraordinary attention to detail!

      • No problem, SoCal Gal, it happens all the time. Vowels are always tricky when switching languages. My full names are Wilhelmina Louise; but Wilhelmina is such a mouthful!

    • I just finished watching the doc. on the Duchess of Kent, too. I saw similarities between her and Diana right away with the way she wasn’t afraid to hold a hand or wipe a tear away. She is a marvelous woman and then to care for her estranged husband after he had a stroke! Wow! my husband had a stroke at 53 and it has been a strain on our marriage. But, I committed to “in sickness and health and for better or worse,” so I am sticking it out. Things do get better! God bless her! It is always good to get a fuller picture of a person’s life than just that which is seen in pictures or reported in newspapers, TV, or Social Media.

  3. The My Fair Lady hats are a treat! What a fun exhibit! I agree with Wies that the craftsmanship must be incredible.

    The World’s First 3D Printed Bridge. Let that sink in for a moment. Technology is amazing!

    I watched the documentary on one of my favorite Royals – The Duchess of Kent. It really is worth your time. What a credit she is to the Royal Family.

    I can see CP Victoria in both hats by Lia Gureeva. The texture on the Garbo hat is stunning.

  4. Thank you for featuring my Hibiscus headpiece, Hat Queen Stephanie (as is your official title from now on, I presume!)
    My favourite from your weekly selection is Hattabelle’s voluminous turban.I like a good turban and hers are fantastic.

    I would love to see those iconic My Fair Lady hats up close. The costumes were designed by Cecil Beaton but the hats were made by famous French milliner Paulette. They must be as beautiful on the inside as on the outside!

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