Multiples: Queen Máxima

Three weeks ago, Queen Máxima repeated a gold straw hat with high, sidesweeping slice brim. So far, she has paired this “Bellisima” design by Fabienne Delvigne with three different ensembles:

Look #1: With a gold beaded gown by Jan Taminiau for Prinsjesdag on September 17, 2013

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With a brown caped coat and lace dress, both by Claes Iversen worn March 20, 2018 for a Jordanian state visit and October 31, 2019 to present the Prix de Rome

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look #3: With a Zimmerman gold floral and lace dress worn June 24, 2021 for the 75th anniversary of the EYE Film Museum

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Which ensemble do you think pairs best with this hat?

Images from Getty as indicated 

20 thoughts on “Multiples: Queen Máxima

  1. I’ll agree that these are really all too much gold. I prefer #3 due to the combination of textures and the floral of the dress for a visual break. Like Jimbo, I find that the smalller hats or fascinators look best with court dress. But I have to admit this hat was stunning against the backdrop of the black and gold throne:

    Embed from Getty Images

    Stefanie, thank you for sharing your name, but is it ok to continue calling you HatQueen or HQ? I think of those as honorifics for you, much more elegant than Blogmistress.

    • MittenMary, the hat and beaded gown really do look stunning against the backdrop of the black and gold throne, thanks for sharing that photo, but you’ve got me thinking now. The Imperial princesses wear relatively small sedate hats with their court dress — does anyone else other than Máxima wear such large hats with long gowns?

      And I agree about the honorific of HatQueen, but Blogmistress? Eeeewwww, I don’t think so!

  2. Unfortunately, I think all three are a no from me. This colour does not really suit Maxima and none of the clothing works with the hat. The coat from look #2 is the best colour contrast, but the heavier wool coat doesn’t really work with the lighter straw hat.

  3. Number 3 is definitely my favourite!
    I love the dress of #1 but it seems like an evening dress to which a wide-brimmed hat is a slightly odd addition; and #2 doesn’t quite hit the mark either with dress (quite busy) or coat (not a good match for the hat).

  4. I love outfit number three. Outfits one and two are lovely but I think are much too dressy for this more casual hat.

  5. Of the selection in this post, I think I like best either the lace dress of Look #2 or the dress in Look #3. Look #1 and the solid coat of #2 both seem like too much tan from head to toe. Regarding the hat worn at the bridge opening, she wears this color/style so frequently that it makes sense she would have two (almost but not quite) identical ones, but with all the beautiful hats available, it’s a shame Máxima doesn’t engage in more variation.

    I am happy to greet you today, HatQueen, as Stefanie, but am a little confused as the three private emails you have sent me over the years have all been signed Rebecca. Do you have an assistant?

  6. I’m afraid it’s no from me on all three – number two is marginally better as there is some contrast. Many of the gold colours don’t suit her as they’re far too close to her skin colouring (and bronzer) and hair.

    Maybe someone can explain why she uses such heavy leather gloves all year round? They weigh the outfits down so much.

  7. Kristin, I agree with you; #3 is my preference, with the color variations in the beautiful dress. #2 is next in preference, but without the coat. The heavy tan/brown wool cape with the straw hat seem an unusual combination to me. The hat/lace dress textures however are very pleasing. When a Royal wears a long gown, as seen on #1, I prefer a smaller, sparklier tiara or fascinator. No expert here, I just see a jarring combination here.

  8. I just love number 3. Certainly a lot of gold(enrod) still, but the florals in different colors help break things up and the overall look feels very mid-century Italian chic to me.

    I like the dress of #1, but in general the whole look feels a bit dull with the color scheme. #2’s dress feels too matchy for my personal tastes, and the coat didn’t vibe well either IMO.

  9. You have an eagle eye HQ. I honestly thought the hats were the same, but your link shows they are not.
    This is such a great style hat, but it might be too much gold fatigue for me. I think its most successful pairing was with the first gown. The gold in the hat manages to match the tone in the gown, allowing it to complement the dress. It’s lovely.

    • Please call me Stefanie- that’s my true name (and those of you who have checked out The British Millinery Association have figured this out by now!). I blogged here anonymously because I’ve always wanted Royal Hats to stay focused on the hats – and those who make and wear them. Until this year, when the the BMA provided opportunity to create and be part of a vibrant learning millinery community. I was nervous to let go of anonymity but it has been great.

      The best silver linings of Royal Hats for me have been interacting with all of you lovely readers, and having a platform to champion milliners and the millinery industry. Both are unexpected gifts I deeply appreciate, enjoy, and want to continue, as best I can.

      As for an eagle eye- I’m learning more and more every day! I so appreciate all the contributions and observations you and everyone else bring to our conversation and musings here! It’s so great to know that when I miss something, one of you will catch it for me!

      • You will never know how Royal Hats and your blog saved me this last year. I was a Front line worker and you all were my refuge. I love hats – the beauty, the color, the shapes, your comments. Thanks to you Stefanie and to everyone!

  10. I really like look #3. Compared to the other two, that outfit has a subtle shift in tone away from brown toward yellow-gold that gives a bit more vibrancy to the hat and its ensemble. Honestly, all three are nice and have enough texture to keep things from being boring and one-color, but #3 is still my favorite.

    • Unfortunately, hotlinking photos isn’t allowed here (and is a widely frowned upon practice in terms of copyright). I’ve replaced your link with one to the Daily Mail article the photo was featured in, complete with photo credits. In future, please link to full articles, not windows opened just with the photo. I know it seems nitpicky but it’s important we respect copyright law.

      The hat yesterday is a lighter version of this same style, with a slightly larger brim that is not bound. She has worn this hat with 9 different ensembles, all documented here.

      Photos have not been easy to locate from yesterday- I’m hunting them down and will include whatever I can find in Saturday’s “extras” post!

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