Norwegian Monarchs Commemorate Attack

King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway attended a memorial service at Oslo’s Cathedral yesterday to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the bomb attack in central Oslo and mass shooting on the island of Utoya that took the lives of 77 people.

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For this event, Queen Sonja repeated a hat of ivory crin with rounded crown and upturned brim. This outing shows a better look at the piece, revealing an overlapping brim that curves up onto the hat’s crown with a curved end flourish. What looked like a central seam down the crown at this hat’s first outing is actually a stripe of pearl embellishment.

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Yesterday’s better view of the piece helped it make a little more sense. It’s a light, summery design with dimension, thanks to the stripes of sewn crin that form its body. However, I’m still a bit perplexed by the placement of the overlapped brim and pearl stripe, which runs from the top of the crown down one side to where the crown and brim meet. It just feels a bit unbalanced and awkward.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 23, 2018  

What do you think of this cream crin hat, now that we’ve had a better look?

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7 thoughts on “Norwegian Monarchs Commemorate Attack

  1. When this hat was worn the 1st time, all 10 comments were thumbs down. I don’t dislike it that much, but feel that some alterations could improve it. With the pearls being aimed down the side, as opposed to the original direction down the front, there is already an improvement in its overall appearance.

  2. Such a sad event, one I remember vividly happening 10 years one. White is a mourning colour and so a very appropriate out for Sonja.

    I thought it looked like a hat worn by someone on the deli counter – and when I checked the link, apparently I thought the same 3 years ago. Not Sonja’s best hat alas.

  3. It is good to see Sonja out in a hat again and glad to see her wear it better this time. Nevertheless, while my opinion has improved, the random row of pearls still doesn’t make sense and the hat feels a bit unfinished to me. It’s a hat with much potential, but unclear if we’ll ever see it reach that potential.

      • Sorry, I meant the design of the pearls on the hat doesn’t make sense to me as they just end right on top and is part of the reason why I feel the hat seems unfinished. No disrespect meant in terms of their meaning for mourning at this particular outing for this hat.

  4. I think Sophia has better white hats than this. I am disappointed that Ingrid doesn’t seem interested in keeping up the hat wearing tradition. She is a very pretty young lady and seemed very moved by this anniversary. I think her demeanor set the right tone for this sad occasion. I read that Mette-Marit’s stepbrother was killed in this attack. That would bring it very close to home.

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