Queen Arrives at Balmoral

After staying privately at Craigowan Lodge in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth took up residence at Balmoral Castle today. She was met at the castle’s gates today by the 5th Battalion, the Royal Regiment of Scotland and their mascot, Shetland Pony Lance Corporal Cruachan IV!

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For this arrival, the Queen repeated her cerise straw hat with stepped crown, sidesweeping brim and double straw hatband. The design is trimmed with a trio of vibrant handmade silk flowers on the side studded with arrow trimmed feathers.

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The colour is dynamite on Her Majesty and I really like how the contrasting materials between the straw hat and tweedy coat give some dimension to the overall ensemble. While the hat’s balance and shape are beautiful on their own, it’s those incredible silk flowers that are the standout, the multiple colours on the inner petals magnetically drawing the eye in while the ruffled outer petals give such texture and movement. Masterful, really.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat and dress by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn: May 18, 2019; June 21, 2018

What do you think of this hat today on its third outing?

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10 thoughts on “Queen Arrives at Balmoral

  1. It is nice to see HM again in this summer-like and beautiful hat with a huge pop of color! I hope she has lots of company lined up to keep her happy during this first summer “vacation” without the Duke of Edinburgh.

  2. This is one of my favorites of HM’s current hats: perfect shape, glorious color, and well-balanced trim.

    JamesB, that’s an intriguing suggestion about a darker dress, although there’s nothing wrong with this one.

  3. Wonderful all the way! I’m not sure I agree about a darker dress background, after seeing the whole dress exposed, 2 years ago (again, in Scotland.)

    July 3, 2019: Edinburgh, Scotland
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. Three cheers for the Queen. The outfit colour is perfect and brings happiness. I especially like her hat. It suits her a bit better than many other shapes we see often.

  5. The first photo from the twitter post, when enlarged, shows the contrast between hat and coat texture in beautiful detail. It’s a lovely combo. Agree with JamesB that a darker dress background (or print with more saturated colors) would connect the whole ensemble a bit better and make the hat flowers pop even more.
    HM looks wonderful, if a tad more (understandably) petite, and this always seems such a fun and happy event for her. Glad she is getting her Balmoral time!

  6. Lovely hat and cheery color. The multi colored rosette strikes the perfect balance for the dress and coat. Beautiful!

  7. This is a lovely outfit still; colour, texture and shape all lovely. My only tweak is that the colour of the flowers picks up the darker colours in the dress, but they’re not all that visible. So I think I’d pair it with a darker dress to bring it together more. A quibble though, she looks lovely!

  8. What a delight to wake up and see this hat had made an appearance again! It’s nice to see a little wider brim on HM, and the color scheme is very spring/summer cheerful.

  9. I love the delicate balance of this with the silk flowers tucked in the slightly upturned brim. Matched perfectly with the textured coat which I think must be silk as opposed to wool.
    These older outfits do seem to hang a little more loosely on HM.
    After everything a little weight loss would not be surprising.

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