Christening of Prince Julian

Prince Julian, the third son of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, was christened this morning at the Drottningholm Palace Chapel in Stockholm.

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For this event, Princess Sofia wore an ivory velvet bandeau headpiece with large bow at the back.

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The shape is a great christening choice- the bow frames Sofia’s face and leaves an open view to sweet Prince Julian while the scale gives the look some gravitas. Sofia wears ivory well, the colour contrasting with her dark hair and linking with her floral dress, which is the real statement here. While I’ve got some construction quibbles about the bow, the scale and balance of the piece is on point.

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Designer: Headpieces By M (Matthias Lavesson). Dress is the Etro “Santa Barbara Floral A-Line Long Puff-Sleeve Maxi Dress”
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new

Queen Silvia wore a new brimless hat in pale aqua, trimmed simply with a folded bow along one edge of the design.

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The off-the-face style pairs well with the funnel neck on Silvia’s jacket and while the ensemble is in one colour, the textured crepe used on the hat bow and jacket give enough contract to keep the ensemble from falling flat. While It’s another elegant look for Queen Silvia, I’m a bit curious about placement – the amusing photo below shows a good view of the hat’s shape, albeit mid-air. It looks to me that it is blocked as an oval percher beret and I wonder if it might have worked better worn as such with the bow on top instead of a calot, with bow on one side. Thoughts?

Designer: Hat and suit by Georg et Arend
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Crown Princess Victoria repeated her lilac ribbon flower headpiece. It’s a beautiful design that certainly deserves another outing and while I’m not a great fan of the fussy dress, the headpiece pairs well with it.

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Designer: Parant Parant (Ă–rjan Jackobsson). By Malina ‘Adele’ dress.
Previously Worn: August 31, 2019

Princess Estelle wore a pink dress her mother wore in 1986, topped with a darling white multi-looped hair bow.

Princess Madeleine paired her painterly blue and white dress with cascading headpiece of white silk blossoms tucked behind her right ear. While I hear some of you calling for a hat, I think the delicacy of both the headpiece and dress make them good companions.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown. Dress is the ‘Luminous Frayed Edge Midi’ by Zimmerman
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

Finally, Princess  Leonore and Princess Adrienne wore a sweet blue hair bows.

The Swedish royals do these family milestone events so well, even in a pandemic-mandated reduced capacity. What do you think of thesehats and headpieces today?

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22 thoughts on “Christening of Prince Julian

  1. I love Princess Sofia’s outfit. Normally, that hat shape is not something I prefer but I think it really works here. And the embroidery on the dress is amazing.

    • It looked to me like the floral design was printed rather than embroidered, so I searched for the dress online, and the listing does not say anything about embroidery, so I’m assuming it was printed, however the description does say “This floral dress was inspired by the intricate wallpapers and tapestries of 1970s America.” (For any who are interested, it is still available in small sizes from Saks Fifth Avenue in the U.S.)

  2. Looking at the photos again, I think part of the reason I like this white headpiece on Sofia with this outfit is that her lovely flowered dress seems to have a nod towards traditional costume, and the headpiece somehow also seems to fit in with that vibe, perhaps better than any more traditional hat shape would have done.

  3. LOL, I feel like only here on Royal Hats could we have a discussion of the shape of a hat based on a photo of it flying through the air in a heavy wind!

  4. I think Sofia looks quite lovely. Her dress is so pretty – she looks like she blends into the gorgeous floral background in the church! Her hairstyle compliments the headband from the front and back. That being said, I think the hat looks great from the front, with the headband and peek-a-bow, but I’m not a fan of the actual construction of the bow when looking at the back photos. My first thought of this hat style was that it might be a Jane Taylor, similar to the one Sabine Getty wore to Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

    I do like Madeleine’s hairpiece. It’s pretty and works nicely with her hair and outfit and the sedated ceremony. I love the photo of Queen Silvia losing her hat. It allows us a perfect glimpse at the whole hat, which I love. I do agree with your assessment that it could be a percher beret. Either placement would look lovely on Silvia. Perhaps that will be the new trend of hat wearing – switching up placement to make things fresh.

    All the children look wonderful. Prince Julian sure is a cutie! Madeleine’s girls have grown into lovely ladies with sweet bows in their hair, and Princess Estelle is so poised. I love that she’s wearing her mother’s old dress.

  5. I like Sofia’s headpiece, I think the concept is good as it frames her face nicely and provides a suitable counterpoint to the dress. However, I think it could be improved – it’s not very well made (puckering along the seams), and also, I think it would have been better if either the bow had had some volume and been more 3D, or alternatively if it had been properly structured to be flat. As it is, it seems to be rather betwixt and between.

    Not fond of Madeleine’s tassley ornament, and Victoria’s is too small to have iimpact. I like Sylvia’s little hat, an elegant look.

      • I didn’t say it wasn’t attractive 🙂 But I think if you have to rely on specific camera angles then almost by definition it’s not high on the impact scale…

        • I’d have to agree with you. I thought it was a fancy hairslide at first – maybe it needed to be the same width all round? Ilm thinking of the cream piece worn by CPMary at Prince Christian’s christening. I wasn’t keen on that but it had some substance.

  6. Everyone is totally on brand here aren’t they! I really am not keen on Sofia’s deflated bow; I just don’t think it looks good from the front. That dress could have looked lovely with a simple wide straw hat.
    I don’t mind Victoria’s dress although the headpiece isn’t a great match. Madeleine looks lovely. And Silvia looks elegant as ever, in a look she’s done so many times, but works so well.
    Quibbles aside, a lovely family grouping.

  7. I do wish the bow wasn’t so deflated, but otherwise I think this was a great look for Sofia (I especially loved the way her ponytail softly twisted between the bow) and the bow balanced the beautiful dress well. I can’t remember when, but I know Sofia wore a similar big bow headpiece in burgundy in recent years, and I thought that was a good one too.

    I really like Silvia’s outfit and love how the brooch is incorporated with the bow/stylized knot at her left collar; the pale aqua is also a good color. I didn’t expect anything different than a calot today; I definitely saw it as a cocktail percher though at that angle flying through the air haha (we’ll have to add it to Sandra’s post about windy royal hats! I do wonder how it’s supposed to be secured to the head no matter how it’s designed to be worn, although I can’t imagine Silvia wearing it as a cocktail hat since it would flatten her hair in the front (which I totally get as she has great hair!).

    Nice to see this lavender headpiece again on Victoria, although I don’t think it draws out/connects to any of the colors in the rest of her outfit. I think Madeleine looked wonderfully chic and that the minimal floral headpiece was perfect for this low-key christening; brava!

  8. Nope to Sofia’s. The oversized bow just looks silly to my eye. I can see that the floral dress needs a simple topper, but even a plain bandeau would have been preferable to this. A small white floral headpiece, like either of her sisters-in-laws’, could also have worked.

    I see what you mean about the shape of Silvia’s calot, HQ, and yet the positioning looks fine to me.

    Off topic, but may I add that I appreciate the banged-up shins of the younger royals? Looks like they are enjoying an active and fun summer!

  9. I might be wrong but I think Sofia is wearing the shoes worn with her wedding dress which I suppose links family events together.

  10. I’m sorry but Sofia’s headpiece does nothing for me and I don’t think it does a great deal for her. Looking at the giant bow it seems rather clumpy and ungainly. Not terribly struck by Victoria’s either. Queen Silvia’s is better and her suit is very elegant. I keep looking at Madeleine’s headpiece and thinking of the trim on one of QEIIs hats from the 60s or 70s – it had a white trim with little white bells/triangle shapes. I think Madeleine’s entire outfit along with Queen Silvia’s were probably the best of the lot.

    The children’s bows, hairslides and dresses all look beautiful.

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